Sunday, September 3, 2017

It's Just Another Obsession

I have had a fitbit for all of two weeks and I am absolutely obsessed. I'm obsessed with logging my food and activities, and making sure that I hit those goals. Always. It's just another kind of obsession. 

It's not destructive in any way however, as I am following pretty closely to maintain a 500 cal deficit per day to lose 1kg a week. I have been allowing myself to eat sometimes as much as 1700 calories a day, but then picking that up with more exercise. I must admit, I do feel good - even if it's taking fucking ages to get skinny. When I say ages, I mean fucking ages. I am hovering around high 67's. I need to take an accurate weight tomorrow, cuz I got a bit drunk on Friday which fucks with hydration levels etc. I'm hoping I'm not enormously fat. 

Anyway, I do have faith in what I am doing... And most importantly, I am fucking looking after myself. 

Still vegan.