Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Absence

So what's been happening: 

1. Trump is still president. 

2. I've been not doing great at nutritionwise, which is why I haven't been posting. It's not fatal, I've been hovering in the 64s, but it's a binge-starve cycle. Not bad binges mind you. Mostly it goes binges on Saturday to Monday (including) and then trying to get my shit together for the remainder of the week, which I just about do. And then fuck it all up the next weekend. This weekend, I am keeping myself free with no plans and the plan is to spend the weekend going to yoga and practising skinny. 

3. Then, I've been really trying to get into yoga - this is really difficult on Monday and Tuesday for the reasons described above - I.e. That I am fat and bloaty (and gassy) and then going to bend myself around in a class of skinny people isn't exactly what I feel like doing. Anyway, I'm going to yoga tonight and managed to not eat everything, so today will be a good adult day. I plan to hold onto my spoons fiercely. The other reason, is that I just suck on Monday and Tuesday. I hate these days. And I never do anything. So yeah, that's also it. 

4. Things with the Chris are going great. It's been over two months since we started chatting, month and a half since our first date. Mind you, I never see him cuz he's always away. But there isn't much more to say about this. I'm trying to not be my regular overreacting, dramatic, hysterical self here. So I have to talk myself down a lot, but I'm committed to making things work here. Cuz I like him. 

5. I Can Change is still something I'm working on. I'm planning on working this into my weekend of nothing. Launching the social page. 

6. Work is work and it's going great, but still just, yeah. Work. 

I've not been keeping up with blogs, which I plan to do now. What have I missed? 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

Friday, November 11, 2016


This week has been a disaster for the world. I know that this is not the platform to mouth off about Trump, because we are not united here for that reason. But, I don't think one can understate why this is the biggest political disaster in the history of the world since World War II. And I hope that everyone really understands this. 

There is an insult to everything that the truly great American leaders have built, the men and women (I include women here, because the wives of the American presidents have been just as influential in global consciousness as their husbands have been and this to me is significant) that have inhabited that great White House in DC. To think that the Obama's are moving out and the Trumps are moving in is unthinkable. Insulting. 

To think that woman will be taking over from a legacy of strong, beautiful, powerful, INTELLIGENT women is unspeakable. To think that she will take over from Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt... It is an insult. To think that a trophy wife will now be the most powerful woman in the country, that they will teach young Americans to look for a superficial relationship rather than one built on a true and equal partnership, to teach young men that you only need a pretty girl by your side, rather than a gutsy female who will support you. To teach young girls that it is better to look good and shut your mouth, rather than to run for president... it makes me sad. 

I am not American, yet I take this presidential election very personally. I take it personally, because it tells me that the ideologies which I fight for and which I stand up for every single day of my life - being called the feminist and being the one who is weird for refusing to accept harassment and will continue to argue when I get called sweetie at work - to think that the majority are not on my side. It breaks my heart. 

I will not accept Donald Trump as a world leader. I will fight with all my heart as much as I can to speak out in my personal capacity about what he misrepresents and why no one should ever aspire to his ideology. I may not have any influence, but I want to show everyone around me that I do not accept this and maybe if I do not, it will give them the courage to also not accept sexual assault as an institutionalised ideology. To accept that racism and xenophobia is NOT okay. That climate change is a real thing and waiting another four years to advance this as a REAL world challenge cannot happen. To not let what we are doing in the middle east to promote human rights and democracy fall by the wayside. 

If America stops fighting, we as the rest of the world need to double our efforts to make sure that the progress is not lost, to make sure that we do not lose momentum, to make sure that the lower rungs of our institutionalised class system are not forgotten and to make sure that all of our friends over in the United States know that we are there for them and that we will not accept what is about to happen to their country. 

Any of my friends from the US who need to talk or rant or cry. Anyone who feels marginalised, discriminated against or even just a little scared. Reach out to me, I am here for you. 

I won't take this standing down. We don't need to agonise, we need to organise. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo