Tuesday, June 23, 2015

France! Get Your Shit Together

You may be saying to yourselves now - ah, Piggy. Paris must be beautiful. *EEEEERRRRRRRR!!!* WRONG! The Eurostar very conveniently was cancelled today because there were striking workers coupled with a stampede of migrants - I'm not sure if you guys know much about what goes on at the 'border' of England and France at the tunnel near Calais, but there are migrant camps set up - Mexico/US style where people try to cross the border illegally. It's obviously a touch harder as there is only like... one tunnel. ANYWAY, so my train was cancelled and I was going to get on for tomorrow, but then I spoke to my colleague who got stuck on a train IN the tunnel with migrants trying to storm the train. Like seriously - is this England or is this South Africa? Either way, I can't be fucked to go to Paris now. I have bigger fish to fry!

I suppose the good news is that I now can go buy a scale tomorrow. David is putting on weight so we are officially both on 'diet' right now - which is naturally code for - he isn't going to ask me if I eat very little and won't have snacks in the house. 

Anyway, so I still don't know what my weight is - today I had my usual kale super food salad thing for lunch which had feta cheese, chicken, lime coriander and jalapeno dressing (homemade), buckwheat, kale and scallions (350), my soup/mash mush (200) and two nectarines (120), plus definitely about 100 cals in milk - so total for the day is an okayish 770. Happy with that. Hoping that when I get a scale I'll be in the 67's. HOORAY!

Peace & Kale
Xo Xo

Monday, June 22, 2015

SchooWeeDoo Wup DooDoo

Yeah so today started really well and then it became an unmitigated disaster. Still no scale. Still fat. Still wearing a size 8 skirt which used to be super baggy and now... well let's just say that it isn't anymore. ANYWAY. Today. I'm off to Paris tomorrow and of course that is great inspiration... EXCEPT when there is a packet of chocolate chip hobnobs on my desk put there by my boss - who by the way, I can't stand. She's beige. Oh so beige. She's like a turtle - if you sneeze or move too quickly, she'll pop back in her shell... actually. She kinda looks like a turtle too. ANYWAY, I keep digressing. I'm very tired. So I ate 6 hobnobs at a whopping 72 calories each. And my kale salad for lunch (300ish). And my soup/root veg mash mixtures (250) and a nectarine (60) and god knows how much milk. So I guess we are rounding out today at just under 1000 calories. All things considered, considering that I had six ginormous yummy calorie laden fat obnoxious hob nobs... it's kinda alright innit? 

So I've set myself the goal of fitting back into this gorgeous summer skirt that I brought last October and it has never really fit me properly. It's an 8 - on the waist, which I very rarely am. But I think if I get to 65 again it should fit. So yeah, by the end of July when I go back to Cape Town (I'm doing a three week tour - Ghana, Nigeria and SA) I'll be able to fit. And my thinspo, funny enough. Is the very same festival that got me to start this blog 4ish years ago. Gawd. Four years. Anyway, so rocking the daisies is coming up and I'm going to be in Cape Town for it this year. I'm excited. And I need to get bikini ready by then. I've got 100 days till then. 1 October - god this brings it home. If I can lose half a pound between then and now... LOL, I don't want to be that skinny. 90lbs isn't a good look for me. Down to 60 by then would work. 

Constantly resetting these fucking goals. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

Sunday, June 21, 2015

And My Scale Broke

Yep, sad truth. I kicked it one too many times... although secretly I'm happy about it because I have had my suspicions about the accuracy of this scale for quite some time. If only I could have the scale I had in Dubai back - I liked that one. Must find another. Perks of five-star living? Anyway, so on Tuesday, I have to go to Paris for two days, so when I get back it will be payday and the first thing that I will of course buy will be a brand new scale. I'm excited to go to Paris, since I've never been and this will be a slightly more chilled affair than Dubai was. My job does have it's perks. 

My weight this weekend was probably not good anyway as I binged on Friday - not huge, but pretty big. Then yesterday started with lambshank and potatoes at a spanish restaurant - so to make up for it I didn't eat anything else. Still not great. Although I did have 4 (yes 4) nectarines at 60 calories a piece. Nice, Piggy. Real. Fucken. Nice. 

Today, similar story I had a bunch of dates stuffed with nuts (I love dates and bought a TON in Dubai - thankfully, they are now finished), a fried chicken and chips meal and now I'm having tomato soup. Not altogether terrible. My goal for my new scale which will be on Friday will be to be in the 67's. This is my goal. 

I will be going to Cape Town in a few weeks time for work and the million dollar question is: Do I see Roy? If you recall I saw him a year ago when I was there, we fought, we fucked, we did a bit of drugs. You know. Such is life. I won't fuck again obviously, but my foolish heart does want to see him. For him to see what he is missing... 

I will try to blog before and during beautiful Paris. <3

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm Aliveeeeeeeeeeee

I've been gone. Basically, I started my new job which I initially thought was absolutely amazing, but like the rest of the shit shows that masquerade as commercial entities on this planet - it is also it's own measure of shit. Anyway, that aside I was in Dubai last week so I've been absolutely sodding exhausted since then and needless to say that I am very clearly too much for the Emiratis. Sammy - you feel me? On the plus and minus side, I haven't really gained, but I haven't lost. This morning I was in at 68.9kg, so in theory I am still okay, except for the fact that I'm huge. I had an awful moment of clarity while in Dubai - just a 'I'm a fucking whale - how did I let this happen moment'. 

Progress report tomorrow. 

Starting weight: 68.9kg. 

Lets go. Again. 


Peace & Love
Xo Xo