Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give It Horns!

Today has been a really good day for me. Firstly, I weighed in at 65.5kg, exactly like I wanted. So I might be four days late, but I am where I was meant to be on Monday. So, I just need to make sure that I don't slip up this weekend and I may be able to make it up. This is going to be difficult, because I have a birthday tomorrow, but I am going to endeavor to drink white wine spritzers (soda, not lemonade) and not eat during the day. I will have maximum five drinks, get the last tube home and go climbing on Saturday. Today was also good because work was INSANELY busy, but excellent. I checked up on my visa for Amsterdam - which I can collect tomorrow AND I can't wait to go to Amsterdam. My first time there. I know, I know. Awful, but whatever. Today was also SICKLY AWESOME, because I actually went climbing and remembered how much I like it. My hands are mince meat though. Today was also a great day, because I have thus far only had 48 calories (which is a lo-cal Monster, 40 and a sugar free stimul.. something drink - 8) and I'm busy making dinner which is another lentil curry, my thing at the moment. And last night I totally underestimated how many calories are in it and there are less than 500. Closer to 400 in fact, but lets go with 500 to be safe. So my intake for the day will be 548. Which with the hour of climbing I did, will net at about 150. That's awesome. fucking. sauce. SAUCY SAUCE! *stop talking about sauce, Piggy* Anyway, so that's me for today - weigh in ladies?? I'm dying to know how ya'll are doing! 

Pterodactyls & Horns
Xo Xo 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Today I actually fucking lost 1kg, like I was hoping for yesterday. Can't actually believe that happened. So now I'm all determined and shit. I was 65.9 today, so if I lose 0.4 today I will be where I was supposed to be on Monday and I may actually be able to still hit my goal of 60kg by the 14th. Long shot, much? Anyway, my kitten (Pugsley) has been sick for the past few days so I haven't been climbing - convenient excuse? Anyway, I'm going to go this weekend, but then next week I'm in Amsterdam from work, so I need to be good. ANYWAY. I've got added thinspo, because a friend of mine from Cape Town is here on the 19th, so I need to ensure that I am looking AMAZING when he gets here. I may want to like *wink wink nudge nudge* with him. Maybe... a little. 

ANYWAY. Intake for today - I decided to forego my usual grande sugar-free vanilla soy latte this morning and then had a bag of ryvita minis at lunch time (113), a mountain of black coffee, coke zero and then for dinner I had lentil curry - which was a big portion but definitely not more than 600, so 713 for the day? I might have some almond milk hot choc later, but that's around 50, so I'll still be under 800 for the day which is great. 

'Muriccaaaa & Love
Xo Xo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shameful, BUT I'm Not Giving Up

This morning I was... 66.9 *cry* so after my weekend of binging my loss for the week was 0.6kg. Terrible. In order to be on track for the two weeks, I have literally got to lose... 3.4kgs by next week Monday. But I'm sure I can knock off most of those, just need to stay strong. Which let's face it - I haven't been. Today, I've had - what I guesstimate to be - 850 cals. I had a small bag of crisps, a soy latte and lentils for dinner. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to be 66 flat. I can do this. I can do this. 

You know, I was going to lie about my weight so that I didn't look like such a pathetic failure as I do right now, but then I realised that I have never lied to you guys, so I'm not exactly going to start now. So weights ladies - let's see em! 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

Monday, November 25, 2013

FUCK, sorry!

So I slipped this weekend and got baked and ate loads and then I woke up late this morning so didn't weigh in. Weigh in weights tomorrow! I'm not expecting much. Today I have had about 700 cals I think. Not hoping for too much, but please lord somewhere in the 65's. Fuck sakes. I suck. Weights tomorrow!!

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Knackered, But Progressing

The longest day at work today which will be swiftly followed by an even longer day tomorrow. But it is all going to be fine once I suck it up and get through the next two weeks. I've just got a shiton of research to do at work which is a lot of being on the phone, which is awesome and fun. But also shit and tiring. I need to sort out my visa for Amsterdam which is another fucking ballache. ANYWAY. Tomorrows problem isn't it. 

Today I weighed in at 66.0 - so that's 0.3kg down from yesterday. Not as much as I expected or wanted. Today I have had 750 cals, which is more than I wanted but within my range of 500 - 800 so it';s okay. I had a soy latte (146), ryvita minis (113) - this was purely ornamental, because they look at me funny at work if all I have is a coke zero - hummus with carrots (180) and two vegan sausages (about 230ish) - so even though the maths on this is terrible, OH and almond milk hot choc (60) - I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be at 55.5. That would be my goal for the week lost. 

Unfortunately for me, I have a fireworks, Christmas, gluvine thing happening tomorrow night with some family friends. I think I can get away with not eating like a pig, because I can just say that I had a whole thing at work before I came and maybe just sip some gluvine, however - the plan is that I am still going to have to have a bit of gluvine. Essentially, I am expecting to not lose anything between tomorrow and Thursday, which means I'm going to have to be SUPER well behaved on the weekend. Yay. No. Anyway, hope this goes well. 

Post stats? ... or don't that's cool. You can save it for the Sunday weigh in. :) 

Love & Loss
Xo Xo

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Rules...

I'm so fucking stoked that everyone is in for the challenge. Guys, this is going to be amazefest. Fuck yeah - can I get a hells-to-the-fuck yeah!! HELLSTOTHEFUCKYEAH! Holla. Okay, I'm far too much of a prude to be a gangster. I tried ladies, what can I say. Anyway dudes, so the rules are quite simple - you can start whenever you want. It's not like a huge deal - just set yourself a goal and stick to it. If you want to stop, then stop. If you want to continue and let's do it for reals - then continue. Everyone has more or less weight to lose and is a different height etc, so for example a super skinny may only be able to lose 5lbs in 4 weeks, but those of us with more lard to shed can go higher. Just add your comments and every Sunday we can post a weekly weigh in or you can do it daily, I don't really mind. And as I mentioned, those that reach their goals will get a prezzie from meeeeeeeeee, cuz I love to give gifts. :) I'm so happy to have some support in doing this, I won't let my friend beat me. 

I'm off to a cracker start, no jokes. I weighed in this morning before I went to the bathroom and I was 66.9 and then weighed again after I showered (three times - weighed, not showered) and I was 66.3. So I'm taking my weight as 66.3 for this morning (only 6.8 to go!). Today I have had 650ish cals (which is okay, I reckon) - which consisted of two coke zeros, two cups of black coffee, a ryevita snack pack thing (113), strawberries (60), and veggie bake patty things with ketchip (400), oh and an almond milk hot chocolate - but I use cocoa powder essentially for the hot choc, cuz almond milk is already a little sweet. So that's it for the day. 

As to the comment about veganism and Earthlings. You know - I said this to a friend the other day and I will actually stand by it. I don't know if you guys Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall (sp?) - but he had this show on BBC food called River Cottage and on this show he reared, slaughtered and cooked his own sheep, chicken, pigs, etc. Now if that is how the animal was reared and killed, I think I would probably eat it. My objection is to the industrial farming and rearing of things that are meant to be our food. I watched this clip about Ellen and she said something which really struck a cord with me. When you are eating something which has fear and sadness attached to it, you are putting that energy into your body. I don't want to put that into me. Why would I? 

I dunno, it's a whole thing. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

Sunday, November 17, 2013

And The Challengers Are...

Didn't go that well for me, but I did watch Earthlings. Now listen. I got twenty minutes or so in. I'm never, ever eating an animal product ever again. The thought nauseates me. If you have the stomach for it, give it a watch, but be warned. It is awful. Veganism is the only option now. For me. So I weighed in this morning and I am a perfectly fat 67.5. I can't believe it. But anyway, it's a starting point. So I have to get down to 59.5 in 4 weeks. I will try and post my weight every time I post. The goal is 2kgs a week, or roughly 4.5lbs a week. SO if you are in for the challenge, comment on the post with your weight and we will go from there. The deadline is 14 December. 

So far, our challengers are:
- Coma
- Gena-Lap
- J (:
- Dorcha Aingeal
- The Dancer
- désespérée de maigrir

I will post my weight tomorrow again. Let's hope for at least a 0.5 drop. That's all I need. The thought that I could be 59.5 in 4 short weeks fucking kills me. I am going to skip lunch now and only eat dinner. That's the plan. Stay calm during the day with coke lights and coffee and then one meal in the evenings of barley or lentils. I can do this. WE CAN DO THIS. 

In other news, Anthony from work is still on my case and there is something to be said about persistence. Lets see how long he holds out. Maybe this one is worth it. 

Love & Skinny
Xo Xo

Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Challenge Time Mother Fuckers

8kgs/17.5lbs in 4 weeks. That is 2kg/4.5lbs per week. Who is with me? I've started a little competition with a friend of mine who has a similar amount to lose. Dudes. If we stick to a 500 to 800 cal a day vibe, we can do this. ANYONE!? Spread the word. Let's do it!! Anyone who makes their goal will get a little Piggy gift from me. :) I'll post my starting weight and measurements tomorrow morning. Challenge on. Let's do it. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well today wasn't a total trainwreck, but it wasn't great either. I didn't weigh this morning, my stomach looked too pregnant to even consider seeing what it said. Today food-wise - I had half a sandwich with avocado (150), three chunky chips (100?); two slices of toast with PB (400) *SOB*; three vegan sausages (300) and then a soy choc shake (150) - so that's 1100 for the day. Fuck it. Tentatively it is probably closer to 1000, but still 800 higher than I wanted. ANYWAY - WHAT.CAN.YOU.DO. Stop eating Piggy, obviously you can do that. I'm such a dumb-dumb. Tomorrow I'm going climbing so hopefully that should put a virtual cork in my pie-hole. Today at work was just one of those awful days. Which I'm so over, but I'm going to persevere. Through this awful stage of induction and uncertainty, because I love the job. I don't really have much else to say. That boy, Anthony - is a thing of the past now. I can't handle the neediness. Yesterday at the climbing gym, there were all these hot boys that were helping me and it made me realise that I'd drop him in a heartbeat if someone else asked me out, which means I don't actually like him and I'd rather be able to flirt with them than have this stupid little distraction in my life. Overs-cadovers. 

Fierce & Love
Xo Xo

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well Now I'm Clearly In The Shit

Despite me not being interested in this boy at work, pretty much at all. I saw him three nights in a row. Let me rephrase that - we got fucking drunk three nights in a row. Friday he threw a little hissy fit because I wandered off with some other people as I tend to do and then Saturday I gave him a stern talking to about how I don't want a boyfriend and how I'm not having sex with him. Yet still he persists. I was too hungover to climb on the weekend, but obviously not too hungover to eat like a fucking pig. So now I'm huge. The intense amount of walking is helping to make sure I don't balloon, but I'm far too scared to step on the scale. I will do so tomorrow morning... Today I had pot noodles, peanuts and a coke light for lunch, a soy latte and three slices of wholegrain bread with pickle and mustard on one, avocado and tomato on the other and vegan cheese on the third. So in reality, it was a sandwich and a half, BUT. I did climb for an hour and a half. So I am very sure that I've netted under 800. Which is fine. Tomorrow I need to keep it the same and the day after that similar. Fuck sakes. 

Anyway, I need to end shit for proper with this boy tomorrow. He was the cause of three nights of drinking and as many days of binging. So, there is no room for him in my life. He needs to go. AND new job is amazing. I'm going to Amsterdam in about three weeks for work. It is going to be SO fabulous :).

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

There's Just So Much Fat

... god. I looked in the mirror when I came in... granted, I've just had a really long day coupled with a climbing session that was not impressive (NOTE TO SELF: Don't climb two days in a row and expect your body to cooperate). Anyway, it is just so much fat. My ass, my stomach, my arms even. I wish I could sandpaper it off. It's so awful. My intake today was okay, lentil soup for lunch (181), a soy latte for breakfast and another soy latte with lunch (probably around 300 for both). Seeing all this fat is killing me, so I'm gonna have veggie fingers for dinner (335) and skip my almond milk hot chocolate. I did climb for an hour so the nett isn't too bad, but still. *siiiiigh*

Roxie Rice commented on my last post - another romance... Do I have a lot of romances? :-/ I never thought about it really but maybe I do. I suppose since everyone is hopelessly coupled up and I'm pathetically single (EMPOWERED-LY SINGLE!), I kinda feel like it is always a thing that one is constantly looking for romance. I dunno, maybe it's a thing. Anyway, I've decided that the office romance beau is just not going to happen and actually not just because office flings are a total no-no. I'm still in TOTAL cock-fright mode. The thought of kissing someone freaks me out, let alone anything else. Please. People are intrusive. Men are intrusive. Go intrude elsewhere. 

Love & Kittens
Xo Xo

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Winter Look

I finally managed to actually control my eating after having arrived at a point where I have not gone out for the past few weeks because I am properly disgusted in my appearance. I am still disgusted in my appearance, but I have actually managed to control myself today, which is fantastic. I looked about six months pregnant today btws. The funny thing about it is that there is this guy at my new job, which is AWESOME in case anyone was wondering. Anyway, this guy is totally all up in my kool-aid. I'm not sure that I want him to be, I mean office shenanigans are way too much drama, I don't want a beau and this dude is coming on like a fucking hurricane and I don't really want it. I'm not sure how to nip it in the bud, but - I'm going to start by NOT going to leaving drinks on Friday with the crew. I don't want to be social with them if I can help it. He is way cute though, quite a nice guy - although - he is than me. Like half an inch if that. ANYWAY. Let's see shall we... :) 

I also went up a grade in rock climbing today, my fingers and hands are blistered to shit which looks awful and doesn't feel great if I'm honest. I'm going climbing again tomorrow. Today all I've had to eat is a soy latte, almond milk hot choc (which is just the cals from the milk cuz it was made with cocoa) and 7 veggie fingers (335). OH and tomato sauce (or ketchup, whatevs), and a low-cal monster (40), so my total for the day is probably around 750, BUT I climbed for an hour. So nett I think is around... 150ish. Whoop. Hopefully I won't look so pregnant tomorrow. 

I got all the clothing for my new 'winter look'. Which is roughly - skater girl style dresses, cardigans, a beautiful black cape and ankle boots with low heel. This with tights and lovely accessories is going to my winter look this year. Black, grey, white and a pop colour. Anyway, so I ordered them online because I have too much social anxiety to shop for clothing in an actual store... this is mainly because I am an elephant. SO, I need to lose as much weight as possible by the end of the week so that I actually look good in them. It seems unlikely. 

Love & Peace
Xo Xo