About Me

I am complex. I believe in living like a rockstar and I love to play. I come from Cape Town, but live in London after a painful breakdown. After a really long struggle, I managed to piece my life back together and for the first time in a long time, I actually feel like I may be able to look forward to some parts of my life.

I am a content producer for a media company and I travel a lot. I am currently in the process of completely changing my life - I am an aspiring author, screenwriter and humanitarian. I want to share my opinions with the world.

I've got the two most amazing kittens in the whole world, Gremlin and Pugsley Adams... I love them to death.

I am a functional person with an eating disorder. I'm not pro-ana, I don't encourage this, but I don't ever want to recover. I need this and I like this. I don't care. I just want to live my life with as much razzle dazzle as possible.

Welcome to my blog and feel free to email/tweet me. Anytime. :)

Height: 5' 9'' (178cm)

HW: 170lbs (81kg) BMI: 25.6
LW: 121lbs (55kg) BMI: 17.4
CW: 153.8lbs (69.8kg) BMI: 22.0
GW1: 154lbs (70kg) BMI: 22.1 (3 December 2015)
GW2: 147lbs (67kg) BMI 21.1
GW3 143lbs (65kg) BMI:20.8
GW4: 132lbs (60kg) BMI: 18.9
UGW: 127lbs (58kg) BMI: 18.3

GOAL = Size 0