Monday, August 10, 2015

When Things Turn Dark...

So I'm 33,000 words into 'The Family' - my book. That's what I'm calling it. :) Heyo, and Sammy, I will be taking you up on your offer to have a read. FYI. Things in the book are getting dark though, I write it on the tube everyday and today is the first day that I'm writing at home really, because I have to write a rape scene. I don't really want anyone reading over my shoulder while I'm doing that thinking 'mother of fucking christ on a cupcake, what the fuck is this chicks problem?' So I'm writing it at home. It's a horrible thing to write about, but it is the context of my book... soooooo... What makes it worse is that I'm writing it from the perspective of the rapist who thinks he is justified in doing it. Dark times, yo. Dark times. 

Weight wise, things are still bleak. I was 70.5kg this morning when I weighed - after a week of gross eating, not totally unexpected. Today, I skipped lunch and had a 400 cal pesto pasta for dinner with a blue berry smoothie and coffee with milk, so 600 for the day is my guess. Hoping this food weight will disappear and I'll be back below 70 tomorrow. 

Love & Lovelier
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Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

send it over @, love. i'll read it.

funny thing, the little fanfic i'm writing (yes, fanfiction dear God) is currently around 27,000 words. babe, this doesn't even faze me at all though i always tend to lean towards writing dark material. funnily enough, in the fanfic i'm writing, i also have a rape scene in mind to write out (plus a murder scene.)

gosh, i cannot imagine eating any less than what i currently am eating. it's insane how things change over time (more than double 600 - and i am still trying to lose).

-Sam Lupin