Saturday, June 4, 2016

A South African In Paris (Part 2)

When I walked into my dorm room, the first thing I saw was this guy lying on the bed. I was glad to see he was alone, but he looked like he'd been crying. I asked if he was okay, but he said it was just seasonal allergies. We chatted for a while, his name is Tyler. 

He is an American who had been travelling around Europe for the last month and Paris was his final stop before he caught a flight back to Jacksonville, Florida. The same day I went back to London. We chatted for a while, I was spastically hungover, so I just chatted and chatted. We decided to take a long walk to the Eiffel Tower and get some beers. 

We arrived at the Eiffel Tower after deciding loosely to find some weed and get some beers. The vendors around the Tower loved us. If they offered us a good price for the beer, we bought it. We ended up surrounded by twenty beer bottles, empty and full. 

I went to find a toilet and in the process found two Korean men, who were tiny and swigging cheap Rose wine from the bottle. The smaller one, Steve - the virgin with a bowl cut, just drank more and more. When the grass started to clear, the vendors started trying to sell the remainder of their wares to myself and Tyler. We convinced Steve to get another two bottles of fizz. 

His friend, Timmy was more interested in chasing the three Korean girls sat a few yards away. We eventually moved over to join them. 

I joked with them that Tyler was my husband and Tyler picked up the joke immediately. As we got drunker, Tyler turned to me and said, you know, we could get married. I'd marry you. We got cute next to the Eiffel Tower.

Steve was running around in the bushes looking for something that only he knew he could find. As we stood up to leave, there was a group of about 15 people surrounded fallen Steve on the grass. He lay in the position of one of those police outlines. Everyone thought he was dead. 

I managed to check his pulse and stand him up, with my arms under his armpits to steady him. We left him stumbling with his friends and got out of that park, We stumbled home, getting a taxi and drinking what was left of our beer stash. 

In the cab on the way home, he turned to me: 'I'd definitely marry you.'

Stay tuned... 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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Bella said...

Too cute!! Does this mean wedding bells for Piggy? ;) Oh, don't tell me - you got married in Paris?! Maybe not, but what a story it'd be to tell the kids.