Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vibing In A Positive Way

Today was positive. The scale said 68.4kg - which is excellent. I'm hoping I will be in the 67's by the end of the week, but I got my period and felt super bloaty by the start of yoga today - so fucking tits. Fucking tits. 

I have had about 1200 calories today, which isn't great - BUT I did an hour of flow class, which is about 400 cals burnt... allegedly. I also fucking kicked my yoga teacher in the face. Y'all don't believe me when I say I've got limbs that go on for days. Like, they are disproportionate. 

AND the big highlight of the day is that I fucking resigned. They weren't surprised, which fucking sucked. So here's the thing - this bitch fired me four years ago. She should've taken my side and she didn't. Now, me - being the vengeful person that I am wanted to go full psycho on her and kick some ass - tell her exactly what was up - but NO! Mutha fucker, nooooooo. She said she was "happy for me" and "what a great opportunity" - how the shit am I meant to be a bitch to her when she's all nice to me. SHE ROBBED ME OF MY CATHARSIS! 

... that aside, I'm incredibly happy that I don't have to deal with this company anymore. They asked me to work my notice, which is fine. I'm going to "work remotely" for a week next month and bugger off to the continent for a Eurotrip - I'm thinking I'm going to start in Talinn and end in Warsaw - OR start in Berlin and end in Vienna. Cuz fuccccck it. 

Anyway, so today was a good day. I'm praying for a nice (any) loss tomorrow, but who knows. I've started taking B12, because apparently vegans don't get this on a plant based diet and allegedly it helps with the metabolism, so I'm hoping it will go nuts and I'll get super skinny, super fast. Here's to hoping. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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