Thursday, March 6, 2014


I am just eternally irritable today. I can't even really put my finger on why. Probably because I just want to get the hell out of London and have a holiday for two weeks. One more week to go and then I'll be in Cape Town. @ stillimagining - I'm actually from Cape Town. I moved to London two years ago after a vile and nasty break-up with the same Roy who often frequents my posts, because lord knows, I don't seem to listen or learn. Anyway, I'm tired. I'm just really tired. But you know what, life is still pretty awesome. I think I'm doing okay at work. Personal life isn't that bad. OH SHIT! I literally just remembered that I have a session with my life coach at 7pm. Fucking hell. I'm so tired. I don't think I can face it. FUCK. I forgot to cancel. Of well. 

Anyway, that aside. Yesterday, my friend Monika and I had dinner at her place with our other friend Harrison, with whom she lives. I had a curry (veggie obviously), a chapati, some mushroom rice, poppadoms, 3/4 glasses of red wine IN ADDITION to the soup and oatmeal that I had yesterday already making my cals for the day around one million at least. So from my 62.3 yesterday, this morning I was 62.5 BUT today I have only had around 700, so hopefully I'll be back down tomorrow. 

Wish me luck? I gotta go. My life coach session is in 10 minutes. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo 


Ashley Nichole said...

Good luck!!!!!

Wish I had a life coach, I sure need one lol.


Katie Elizabeth said...

Good luck with your weight tomorrow. It's ok to have days like that, I've been pretty irritable today as well. Keep your head up darling.

Roxie Rice said...

Good luck on being lower tomorrow, piggy! Willpower!

Fat Bastardo said...

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