Sunday, June 21, 2015

And My Scale Broke

Yep, sad truth. I kicked it one too many times... although secretly I'm happy about it because I have had my suspicions about the accuracy of this scale for quite some time. If only I could have the scale I had in Dubai back - I liked that one. Must find another. Perks of five-star living? Anyway, so on Tuesday, I have to go to Paris for two days, so when I get back it will be payday and the first thing that I will of course buy will be a brand new scale. I'm excited to go to Paris, since I've never been and this will be a slightly more chilled affair than Dubai was. My job does have it's perks. 

My weight this weekend was probably not good anyway as I binged on Friday - not huge, but pretty big. Then yesterday started with lambshank and potatoes at a spanish restaurant - so to make up for it I didn't eat anything else. Still not great. Although I did have 4 (yes 4) nectarines at 60 calories a piece. Nice, Piggy. Real. Fucken. Nice. 

Today, similar story I had a bunch of dates stuffed with nuts (I love dates and bought a TON in Dubai - thankfully, they are now finished), a fried chicken and chips meal and now I'm having tomato soup. Not altogether terrible. My goal for my new scale which will be on Friday will be to be in the 67's. This is my goal. 

I will be going to Cape Town in a few weeks time for work and the million dollar question is: Do I see Roy? If you recall I saw him a year ago when I was there, we fought, we fucked, we did a bit of drugs. You know. Such is life. I won't fuck again obviously, but my foolish heart does want to see him. For him to see what he is missing... 

I will try to blog before and during beautiful Paris. <3

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

good thing the little bitch broke. i'm sort of giggling here. imagine you kicking the scale until it just decided not to give you no numbers no more.

i'd hand you over my scale. it's so sophisticated. the type that measures body fat % and is like...incredibly accurate. now, i've had it for some time so it's getting a little wonky (due to kicking the scale) but the first i bought it, you can step on it a million times and the only variation to the number it would give you is a 0,1kg variation. heaven.

Dubai. Paris. damn you, woman. i'm stuck here for the next few years.

my sister might be studying dentistry in Dubai. damn her too.

i'm giggling to myself. dates. of course, you bought dates in Dubai. of course! dear God, the ones stuffed with nuts though? have you ever tried the dates + peanut butter combo? dear God.

punch him in the dick if you do see him. asshole.

-Sam Lupin