Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello, Have You Planked Today?

As I mentioned, I'm doing a plank challenge. I want to start working out more, like tone all this flab up and before I'm going to do that I want to do some simple at home challenges to prove to myself that I have some form of willpower before I do that. I want to actually start "lifting" - like I don't want to form any kind of bulk, but I wouldn't mind a bit of firmness - especially as next year, I am 30. Apparently, shit starts to drop at this time. Anyway, so I'm gonna do 28 days of planking - which I did  last week, but then with travelling, I skipped two days. So this morning, I started over. 

When I've completed this, I wanna do a plank and squat challenge. My logic is that I only have to give up like 3 minutes of my life a day to do this, so excuses of not having time are just not going to work. BUT before that, it's time to plank. 

I started this morning with a 60 second plank. Have you planked today? 

Weight this morning was 62.4kg. I had probably about 1300 calories yesterday. I'm not starving myself, gentle restriction - mostly cuz I want this to stick. But I do want to get down to 59 - 60kg. Whatever? Don't care. Has anyone seen the night manager? The series with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie? Well, there is a character in that series called Jed (Elizabeth Debicki) - she is perfection and I want to be her. She is super tall and thin - not sticklike mind you. Anyway, I want to look long and lanky like her and I just don't at this weight. I'm still within my healthy BMI at 58, so I think I'll be fine in this range. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 


Charlie said...

Go for the lifting! Don't worry about bulking up, quite honestly, for women at least, you'd have to be on significant steroids to actual get the definitive bulk that I think you're worried about. I always loved lifting because it's so much easier to see improvement than with, say, cardio.

Sam Lupin said...

you are 30 next year? what the hell? that's not right. i thought you were like 24.

how can you plank? i hate planks. i think that they are the spawn of the devil.

"I started this morning with a 60 second plank. Have you planked today?" better than my effort of a 3 second plank before i decide that i really don't care about abs.

wait, there is a series with Tom Hiddlestone and Hugh Laurie? those two perfect human beings? and i didn't hear of it?

be careful with your weight, love. alright?

in other words, i believe i want a similar weight range. even though i am 42343252 inches shorter.

-Sam Lupin

PS. i'm watching this TV series eventually.