Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ketosis My Life

Yes, yes, yes. I haven't blogged in like three weeks - I am SORRY! Mostly, this is because September was a crazy, busy month which damn nearly killed me. I had another conference to run in London and as a result I was absolutely dead. Also, being very broke after New York (read: fat), I just went into hiding. 

Well, I didn't exactly hide. I went glamping for a friends ten year wedding anniversary, and besides the actual glamping being a fucking winner, it also made me realise whilst watching all of my coupled friends, that I have some serious work to do on learning to compromise before I will ever be able to be in a long term relationship and as a bottom line - I am just a shit girlfriend to people. Anyway, so after my bad decisions in New York and this new found revelation after glamping, I've decided not to sleep around anymore and work on becoming a better partner for someone. (Not that I live my life for any man, but no man is an island after all.) 

Anyway, so I ended things officially in person with the Italian, I'm not gonna use him anymore when he actually likes me. It's not fair to his poor simple soul. He's a good man. I'm also still in the process of sorting my masters out for next January, so that is also ongoing. 

I guess the only thing worth mentioning otherwise is that I've been fat since New York - there was food weight one day of over 67kg - disgusting. It is crazy how easy it is to let things slip. Anyway, that is under control now. And I'm back down to 64.4kg. I'm off to Morocco in about ten days for a week, so I'd like to be back in the 62s by the time I leave. So if I can get sub-64 by Monday, then next week is just 2kgs to get down. 

Question to the ED community - do you find that when you restrict, it takes about two weeks and then you just start to get into the groove, weight comes off small but consistently and your body adjusts to the calories and food types? I wonder if this is some form of ketosis. I read somewhere that if you have less than 1000 calories a day, your body goes into ketosis. But I'm not sure if that's a real thing. 

Peace & Love 
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Sheila said...

i am honestly so annoyed progress of restriction has become so slow. in my teens i could lose like crazy just from restricting 3 days.

life without men...thats difficult but probably good at some stages :)

Charlie said...

Ketosis happens when most of your energy comes from ketone bodiesd in the bloo as opposed to blood glucose. For the non-scientific (aka me, I looked this up online haha), ketone bodies are produced in the liver from fatty acids (found in many different places but particularly adipose tissue-fat). So basically, ketosis is when you're burning the fat stores in your body as opposed to sugar. It can occur for a lot of different reasons, including low-carb diets and starvation.
So yeah, once you've been seriously restricting for a few weeks, your body definitely goes into ketosis! I think the caloric amount varies drastically from person to person, because there are so many factors that go into that.

Glamping sounds pretty cool! It's great that you can see the things you need to work on yourself in terms of relationships.. That's always the hardest thing. I definitely know how you feel, though- My three closest friends all have serious boyfriends, and of course, we're all at the age where everyone is starting to think about marriage and making a life together. Naturally, I am as single as can be, without even much of a sex life anymore, due to work and school. I hope you have a blast in Morocco! I'm jealous of all the traveling you do!


Lila said...

So my major experience with extreme restriction was back when my mouth was wired from surgery I literally couldn't eat and could only manage like tops 300 call in liquids a day sometimes not even I dropped about 35lbs in 6 weeks when I was able to eat again I obvi gained but was probably only consuming 600-900 call a day and maintained a weight between 115 and 125. I stayed that for yrs before medical issues caused me to balloon to what I am

Lila said...
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