Friday, August 11, 2017

Have You Seen 'To The Bone'?

What did you think...?



Anonymous said...

Yes! I loved that movie and Lily Collins is amazing!

Slight spoiler alert: that scene with Megan absolutely broke my heart and had me tearing up a bit. It's one of my favorite ED movies I've seen so far.

Bella said...

It's definitely much better than some of the recent ones, like Starving in Suburbia or Little Miss Perfect. Overall I enjoyed it. I don't think there'll ever be an ED movie that *everyone* enjoys/sees as accurate, though.

Nasimiyu said...

There were bits of it I didn't think were necessary but overall I think it was OK. What did you think of it FP?

Aye Ell said...

I mostly enjoyed it as well (and quite frankly most of the reviews I've read/seen seem to be mostly positive as well, so as far as ED films go, that alone seems impressive).

It's only an average film length and it's obviously impossible to capture every (or ANY) one's story in one film, and I liked that it didn't seem to me to imply some magical full recovery at the end, only a willingness to try.

I know the movie also got some flak over her relationships with men and how "a man had to come save her!" but again, every one's story is different and in her case (which is also common) it seemed her unhealthy relationship with her father played a roll in her ED, so it would make sense that a healthy relationship with a man could help in her recovery.

So yeah. Overall, I liked it. Also I'm a bit obsessed with PJ Harvey and Lily Collins totally reminded me of her in it, so that may have played in to my personal opinion of the film.

Screaming Willow said...

Eh. It was okay. I was super creeped out by the bottle feeding scene. That was almost a deal breaker for me. lol Overall, it wasn't near as cheesy as other ED movies. I would have loved it if they had dug more into the reasons behind her disorder.