Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Just Want To Binge

But I won't. I'm seeing that former/ex-friend of mine, Monika this weekend for dinner and I know she has been working out like mad and allegedly has a six pack and who now tango's like three times a week. I mean. I know I won't be my GW, but at least I can not be huge. I didn't weigh myself today either as I'm too scared given my three days of binging. Maybe, I won't weigh till Monday and then it should force me to be good until Monday... I mean. That's a week of not binging. 7 days to be exact so I mean, here's to hoping. I still haven't got the job offer through yet, it was meant to be today, but now they are saying tomorrow. I just want this whole awful business to be over with including, but not limited to the fact that I have to resign. My boss is asking me all these questions about when we should do a BD trip to Bangkok and Singapore... When my holidays are etc. It's very awkward because I know in a week or so I won't be there any longer. Fun. So. Much. Fun. 

Today my calories have not been great, I had a salad for lunch (330), ostrich with root mash for dinner (310), yoghurt (100) and milk with my coffee (100) so that's 840 for the day. I just want to binge. I keep going on my browser to just-eat and then I close it... no, no Piggy, you don't need this. YES I DO!?

I will try  my best not to binge. I have a spot on my face that is literally enormous and angry. Do any of you guys watch Invader Zim (or used to watch, it's pretty old now) - if you did you will know the ep about Postulio (I would recommend you watch it on youtube, it's pretty fucking rad) - anyway Postulio - that's what I feel like right now. On my chin. 

It's fucking awful. 

Peace & Postulio
Xo Xo

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