Friday, July 17, 2015

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Weighed 69.7kg this morning - HOORAYYYYYY! I want to maybe do a cheeky fast this weekend and depending on what my weight is tomorrow i.e. if I lose tomorrow then I'll decide, cuz now I kinda feel like I may be able to get below 69 by Monday... 72 hours... 

Bad news - I had a really nasty greasy lunch today which involved a duck and hoisin wrap with chips and mayonnaise and then I had some dark chocolate when I got home from work, BUT then I haven't eaten since the chocolate. So that's all I've had today. I still feel fat and I'm fairly certain that I've already had too much with that stupid wrap. You know when you do that caveman, binge rage, feeding frenzy - like all of a sudden there is food available and literally before you've even processed a thought about it, you've eaten it all. It's such a weird psychological thing. ANYWAY, so ANA PROBLEMSSSSS. Anyway, but I'm hoping that because I've not had anything else, I won't gain. If I could just lose like 1lb overnight, I should be on track for sub-69. Which is kinda 8lbs in a week - which I actually silly - food weight, water weight. Gross - not real weight. 

Good news - I've managed to blag my way out of having to go to Ghana tomorrow, so I'm here for another week before I go to Nigeria. I'm really happy that I don't have to go. Fucking ay! 

Wish me luck for a loss tomorrow i.e.a win! 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

that's a frightening thought. 72 hours to get under 69kg.

though doable.

yes. i know. believe me. who around here knows more than the one that used to fit the criterion for BN, my love? 8lbs in a week? ouch. it's been a month and i definitely haven't lost that much. oh, and i have my period so i'm up a bit also.

that tells me something that you want to blag your way out of a journey.

of course, loving you always xxx

-Sam Lupin