Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where I Am...

Work has been fucking killing me lately and not because it's busy, just because the people are so fucking incompetent and I hate my job. My colleague with whom I'm quite close is going to help me find something else... somewhere where my intelligence is actually appreciated. In all honesty, I want to finish writing this book and then I can hopefully stop working and just write. That however is a lofty dream all dependent on me actually being able to put a story together. I do however believe that I am smart enough to figure out what makes a good story AND that I just need to get my shit together and work hard. I've written 6500 words - I just have to get to 90000. I have been writing on the tube on my cute new pink laptop which is super light so I just carry it around with me. This is to change my life. (BTW, I took your advice Sammy, he is going to have long nails, just because he likes them... and because he thinks it will make him a better guitar player. 

My weight. 70.3kg this morning. So it was 72 or something earlier this week, so it's going well. I've been successfully not eating lunch and controlling my dinners. It's so great to skip lunch because then I don't feel too guilty about my dinners. Fucking. Win. Anyway, so today I've had about 600 cals (I think). I had four cups of coffee and two sugar free energy drinks. Then my boss very proudly gave my team these gourmet cookies and I felt too bad to say no. SO I was like okay, one will have like 150 cals in it, so not a problem. NOPE - 334 calories PER COOKIE!? Like are you fucking crazy? So I had half of one, the small half. So, I guess about 170 cals, with the milk from coffee 150 (about?) and then for dinner I had some weird concoction of soup and mash root veg for 266 cals. So yeah, I'm happy. I'm seriously hoping that I can get below 70 tomorrow. 

As of Saturday, I'm going to Accra (which if you didn't know is the capital city of Ghana) and then to Abuja (capital of Nigeria) and Lagos finally (largest city in Nigeria) before coming home. I'm hoping to lose at least 3kgs before I return. I plan to either do full days fasts or one meal per day. 

Fingers crossed. Let's do this. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo 


cursum perficio said...

Is the travelling for work? I want to travel too! But not if I had to have a sucky job, as you seem to have. Hopefully the next one will be better!

Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

Gosh, that's a dream, isn't it? write this book. stop working. though now, my medical studies have carried me into a dream land of my own where the book dream doesn't seem to be as amazing as the medical dream. funny how that works.

i love it when you just mention me! <3

Gosh, from 2011 up until now, you can see small mentions of me in your blog and i absolutely adore it.

oh, yes, biscuits can get very high calorie and high density. but i bet that whole 334 calorie cookie is heavy in your tum. not sure about halves. i find that when i half a filling cookie, i don't technically feel full.

good luck, angel. be careful, alright? <3 (though you already know this.)

-Sam Lupin