Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A World Of Shit

So besides the fact that I am predictably huge, however committed to getting smaller. Monday was a fast day - today was a good restricter - I am in a shitstorm, because my contract fee hasn't been paid and I am not 11 days late on my rent. So now, my friend is lending me money to cover it and I feel like a fucking bum. A FUCKING BUM! 

Also, I ran into Roy in Cape Town and Nic - the best friend whom I fucked on the couch downstairs while Roy was asleep - did. not. go. well. Anyway, I won't get into that because I am a fuckhead. Needless to say that I shamed myself. Again. Fucking hell Piggy, get it together. 

I also slept with Will - who, readers will recall was the guy that I shagged before I left Cape Town, again in San Diego last year and whom my recent ex, David stayed with while in Cape Town and was friends with. SO, not only did I sleep with Will, I then told David. David called me a fucking psycho, etc. etc. and so on and so forth. Also, that was super fun. So David will never speak to me again. I'm like two steps away from going all Big in Sex and the City - sending him poems on email asking for forgiveness, but then I don't actually want him back, but I miss him as a friend. He was my best friend. Tragic, innit?

And then, as if the drama of my life doesn't suffice, I told you about the hot Australian from SW4 - well I saw him for the first time since and shagged him - very mediocre, BUT he is just the loveliest most amazing, crazy, fun and funny man - I am completely in love. He texted me yesterday afternoon to say how rough he felt, but that he had no regrets. Have not heard from him since lunchtime yesterday. So, my craziness has yet again turned people away from me. Great, Piggy. Just fucking GREAT! So, ladies and gents - I am destined to die alone. 

Other things happened in Cape Town that I am 100% NOT getting into. 

My intake today was a a quarter slice of pizza (150?), a grilled cheese with tomato soup (600?) - so maybe 850 total. I will post a weight tomorrow. I will be skinny. I will have the Australian (whose name is Colbey) not think I'm disgusting even if he thinks I am crazy... 

OH WAIT! I am fucking crazy. 

Peace & Crazy
Xo Xo

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Lolita said...

I miss your regular blog updates; crazy or not so crazy.