Thursday, October 29, 2015

Herbalife & Colbey

Firstly, my shameful disgusting weight - 74.6kg. Yep - that is how far I've backslid. But plan - I'm going to do herbalife shakes twice a day for two weeks and hopefully shed five of those. That will be 600 cals more or less per day for two week. God, one can only hope. I reckon getting down to 70 will be relatively easy-ish and from there. I don't know how this happened... no, I mean I know exactly how this happened, but like. Ja. Fuck it. 

In other news - Colbey, the Australian. He is dumb and cute, but I really him. He came over yesterday and like.. he's just so cute. But like 29 year old man child. Probably a worse drunk than myself. Sadly, I have found the Australian equivalent of Waldo - Lilypad. The South African beautiful blonde boy... Not even remotely joking. 

Today, plan is for a 600 cal day. Had a shake and two soy lattes (that's already 500, so maybe a bit more). Anyway, WURQ! 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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