Sunday, February 14, 2016


So I know I've been super MIA recently, apologies, apologies. I started my new job and it's been hectic getting into the swing of things with the new company, which is flat out dysfunctional. Yet again, I seem to have picked the crappiest fucking company in the world to work for. But, I am determined to stick it out for at least a year and that's what I'm going to try and do. Try being the optimal word. 

I am also, as you will know - single as fuck. I have not spoken to Colbey since and I'm really not even remotely upset about it. I thought I loved him - it's a bit of a joke. Am I even capable of love anymore? So, long story short, I'm going to stay single AF and work on my career and finishing my book. I feel like being alone at the moment, like not only relationship wise, but also friends wise. I need to hibernate and regenerate and figure my shit out. 

I do however have a total crush on a man at work - like crushing from a distance, because he is (and don't laugh at me dudes, cuz this is kinda inexcusable - I am even laughing at myself as I type this) - he is easily 40 or over, tall, lanky, pale and ginger - he is also married with two kids. Like, obviously I would never even approach this, but those reading this who work in an office will understand a work crush. Well, he is mine. And I'm disgusted with myself *ROFL*

So that's about all that's new in my life at the moment. On my weight and diet side, I tried atkins for a week - I can't eat meat like that. I just cannot. So I decided to fast this weekend after 6 days of atkins. It hasn't been a true fast, because I had two small lattes yesterday and I've had one today. But I think it's a good start. I have decided that I'm going to start skipping lunch at work like I used to and only eating in the evenings. I need to get serious about this if I'm gonna be back to a decent form by summer. 

So I'm not going to eat anything until tomorrow evening when I get back from work which will be about 68 hours of fasting, which I think it good. So far, I'm feeling strong! My scale is arriving tomorrow, so I'll be able to know how bad it is. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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Aye Ell said...

Ha! I totally understand the work crush. I too had a recent work crush on a man over 40, skinny, tall, pale, and married with two kids. He was not a ginger, but his hair is perpetually greasy. WTF. I don't understand it to this day, but when I'm around him, all I can think about is fucking him (which, also will never happen because I too am married). Our minds are so weird sometimes.