Monday, February 29, 2016

I Could Have Got A Scale

So I got paid today and instead of running out and buying a scale ASAP like I had planned to, I got a manicure and ordered some boots online. I thought about buying a scale... I thought about all of the places that I could go on my way home to get one - because, I finished at 4pm today (because I started at 7am). I thought I could go to Argos, I could've got one at TKMaxx, I could've got one at Boots, at Superdrug and Wilko. There were tons of places that I COULD have got a scale. 

I went for a manicure. I got my eyebrows done. I went into the wonderful world of Whole Foods and got some mouthwash, some coconut oil to do oilpulling.  

I did not however get that fucking scale. 

The reason is because I am having a thin day today. I actually felt good. My collarbones look like they are becoming a little hollower. My stomach feels a little bit flatter... I don't know what I weigh and I'm 100% sure that I'm not below 70kgs and I JUST want to feeeeeeel good for a little bit longer. We live and die by the scale, and when I do I'm going to see how shit fat I still am and how far I have to go. I want to just leave it till the weekend maybe and then I'll face the scale. 

In the meantime, I'm still trying for my 800 cals a day. I had a burger for lunch - well the patty, with the bottom half of the bun, lettuce and tomato, about six fries (I googled how many cals a plain pub burger is and it was 450 cals, minus half the bun, so I dunno, 400?) and then all my milk from my coffees today (I only had one plus teas so 100), soup for dinner (180), a pudding cup (85) and blackberries (63) - so let's total up at 828. I'll take it. 

I also have a date tomorrow, I think. I must just confirm it, but yeah. He is 32 and Portuguese, and he says he is the same height as me which I'm totally sure means he is actually shorter than me... you know how men lie about their height. 

Anyway, I will buy a scale soon. I have to know. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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Lolita said...

We live for the thin days. What's wrong with living the illusion a short while longer? :) Enjoy yourself.