Tuesday, March 8, 2016


So I have one outstanding invoice for a few thousand pounds and I got an email today saying that it will be paid tomorrow, so it might take a few days to process, but that it is on. NOW, this means that I can go get my half-sleeve tattoo. I'm. So. Fucken. Excited. So I immediately booked an appointment at Evil From The Needle where I got my leg tattoo and my skull done. So Sunday, I'll go for the consult and then will see when he can book me in. 

It also means I get to get a nice handbag - I've been wanting to get a Michael Kors one for a while, but they're like £250. ANYWAY, so that's EXCITING!! I'm more excited about my tattoo to be fair.

I have been on point with the diet since Sunday, included. I had about 640 yesterday and I've had 840 today. So slightly more than I wanted, but I'm still hoping that the rest of the week that I can keep it down a bit lower, but I have drinks tomorrow and Thursday, so it is unlikely. I need to just keep on track. 

Still no scale, but fuck it. This weekend is D-Day for the scale. 

The scale, the scale. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo 

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Carina said...

What's the tattoo design going to be?