Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Piggy Don't Gots No Date

He cancelled. Yep, at 2.33pm today, he cancelled. He said that he had an interview after he finished work and that they called him just before. That he was sorry. But that because I flaked on our date last week, now we were even. Now, for those of you who do NOT live in any proximity to non-native English speakers and continental Europeans in particular - it isn't as arsey as it sounds. Nor do they mean to convey their own offense when saying that. They just say stupid shit like that. Nonetheless, he CLEARLY doesn't realise that when it comes to me, there is a miserably hopeless double standard that exists and that he doesn't just cancel on me. Yes, I know this is childish, but now I might make him wait another few weeks to meet me. Whatever, bro. 

I still have not bought a scale. Tomorrow, maybe? 

I have had just over 800 calories today, which was actually quite easy today because I purposefully had a super low-cal lunch because I thought I was going out with the Portuguese guy. I had all of my regular coffees and teas (about 250 cals worth of milk, no jokes), chicken soup from Pret for lunch (126), beef soup for dinner (179), two pudding cups (2x85cals) and strawberries (I know it's less than this, but 120). So yeah, it wasn't too bad. 

I started off having a skinny day and it ended up being a disgusting poochy fat day. I'm now going to make myself write my book for an hours. 

Update on that by the way - I've just got to write the ending and then edit. I've started editing and I've figured out the plot holes. The goal is to finish the book. FINISH THE FUCKING BOOK PIGGY! 

I might buy a scale tomorrow... 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Lolita said...

Britain is sensitive to everything hah. Half the time the 'stupid shit' is real shit that every Brit takes offence to.

Sounds like you're making real progress with the book! Sounds great :)


Lucy's Shadow said...

stay strong darling! (and yes, totally not even. but don't let it bother you he can get screwed)