Friday, April 22, 2016

Just To Clarify

My life does not revolve around men - even though I entirely acknowledge that on this blog, it kinda sounds like it does. Men - to me, are a distraction and something to play with. Well most of them, I do sometimes get hurt, but after Roy, no man can really hurt me anymore and little bruises are par for the course, I think. 

James, for example - is a distraction and a fun hobby. I like being chased and I don't have to worry about fobbing him off, because he's leaving in the end anyway. A bit of sexiness, why not. He is also definitely only fling material - he tries to impress me now. I can see that he does it. He didn't go to university or anything (not that I care at all), and is obviously insecure about that fact. Like it means that he's not smart enough of something - obvious bollocks. 

This morning I weighed in at 68.4kg - obviously amazing. Yesterday I had 833 calories. So pretty happy with that. I need to lose less than a pound to meet my weekly -1kg goal. Trouble is a cheeky weekend trip to Paris - home of pastries and *weep* macaroons, from Saturday. I can do this. I can go to Paris and live in coffee. #watchme  

Peace & Pastries
Xo Xo 

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Bella said...

I can totally relate to the "men are something to play with" mindset. They're entertaining. The trick is getting them wrapped around your little finger, while they think *you're* wrapped around *their* finger.
God, I sound like a horrible person, don't I?

Gratz on the weigh in! Good luck over the weekend. I find Melbourne overwhelming enough with all the wonderful foods to be found in the city, let alone Paris! Find yourself a fancy coffee place that offers different beans and try as many as you can!