Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Four Things That Made Me Smile Today

I hope she doesn't mind me giving the shout-out, but this is why I fucking LOVE blogger - because when I post potentially morally ambiguous posts about only dating men for free weed - reference the Madrid born pot dealer (who by the way, I still won't date and am currently in the process of ghosting, because I am a coward) - Aye Ell posts this comment:

Congrats on your thigh gap lady! The dating a dealer thing cracks me up because I honestly married my dealer! Hahaha! He wasn't a big-time dealer or anything, mostly just sold to his friends, but we honestly met when he sold to me almost ten years ago. We started hanging out and smoking together and now we've been married for more than five years! It's going to be a great story for the grandchildren someday. Ha!
 And oh! this made me chuckle. Aye Ell, I love you for this comment.

This morning, I was back down to my pre-binge weight of 64.6kg, which now brings me hope that I might be in the 63's by the time I go to Paris on Saturday. The trick will be not to drink before then. Then to stay away from food while I am there. (RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PARIS, LADIES! I'm actually super excited about it this time. Paris, finally.)

I know that I sound like a man crazed maniac, because I am forever going on dates with people, but I went on a lovely date with a cute hipster animator last night, I think it went well. Maybe? But the point is that I feel sexy again, I don't think when I sit down that they are going to see a hideous monster.

I did something a little crazy - I booked a photoshoot for myself for two reasons: 1. I might be a fucking bulimic, and I might starve myself like an idiot, but I will learn to love this body, even if it means starving myself and loving it that way, and 2. It will give me motivation to get down to 60kg - which is where I've decided to stop. I want to hover between 60 and 62kg, so here is where I will get to.

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Bella said...

Bahaha, that's nuts! Awesome to hear fairy tales do happen though :P

Good luck with the photoshoot! Is it a private thing or will the tog be sharing/publishing them?


Aye Ell said...

Hahaha! Glad I could make you smile. To be honest, it still makes me laugh even after all these years :)

Lucy's Shadow said...

Best luck with the photoshoot!