Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So, What?

Ever had that feeling when you're like "SURELY TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!?" Well that's what I'm all about this week - I legitimately thought today was Friday last night. Alas. The Masturbator is well and truly ignoring me - I sent him a "I want to clear the air" message on Sunday, which he read last night only, didn't reply to and ignored me when I walked past him in Sainburys earlier. Whoops?

I also cut a fringe/bangs on Thursday last week and lemme say, I'm looking fly. EXCEPT for the minor detail that London has decided to pour with fucking rain for the last 24 hours, mince much?

I kinda feel at the moment like I'm a really horrible person. When Roy and I were breaking up, he said I was a bitch and all his friends think so. I remember at the time telling myself to feel better, but it's one thing the Masturbator said and then on Saturday this guy I hooked up with at the end of last year booty called me and he came over. I shouted at him twice and he left without saying goodbye. I need to be a nicer person. 

This is my goal at the moment, so no rolling my eyes or bitchy comments - no shit talking anyone and I will try to not huff and puff when life is being inefficient. I can do this. I can be a better person. 

Love & Not Hate
Xo Xo


Bella said...

Everything in moderation. Being a bitch is not always a bad quality. Be kind and positive when you can, for sure, but don't lose your ability to be a badass motherfucker while you're at it.


Mich said...

Most boys turn into entitled little brats when they're dumped; they'll think you're a bitch even if you're not being bitchy. It's good to be a nice person, but it's also good to be a bitch and stand up for yourself if the situation calls for it. Like Bella said^everything in moderation. :)