Sunday, October 23, 2016


I just got back from Marrakesh, Morocco - well, I got back yesterday. What an AMAZING place, if you are keen to get over there, I would strongly encourage it. I stayed in a Riad, which is a house that is centred around a courtyard, this is a typical style of house in Marrakesh. What you should be picturing right now is Agraba, i.e. Aladdin. 

I did however have a relatively calm time there for a couple of different reasons - the first is that I was pretty much stoned the entire time that I was there. Hash is cheap and very readily available - I didn't buy any, but the guys that were hanging around in the hostel Riad had it, so I naturally gravitated towards this. 

The second reason is because I felt fat and bloated the entire time that I was there. I got my period for the first time in months - my body typically will bring flow to visit just as I am about to go away, thanks Piggy. This also meant that I shied away from all of the partying and boys, because I felt like a mammoth cow. There were a couple of 22 year olds who were hitting on me, but I refrained. 

I have also decided that I need to change my life a bit, I need to refocus on the things that are important and get rid of the deadweight. This is going to be in practice a few friends, and in theory this will also be my own obsessions with clothing, celebrity gossip and general superficial and materialistic pursuits. I am going to start a volunteering curation point, where people will be able to go to find out information on topical human rights issues and where they can tangibly go to find volunteering opportunities. I will write more on this later, because I am still figuring this out. It won't be an entrepreneurial pursuit, but a striving to be a better person pursuit. 

I was overwhelmed when I came home from Morocco, the people that I had met and just generally the fun that I had was immense. I need to find out a way of working from home so that I can travel around the world. Surely there must be a way of doing this... surely. 

Anyway, follow me on instagram to see pics and to see how fat I am. I suspect my weight is around 65kg - I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow so will be able to gauge how bad it is then. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo

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