Monday, October 31, 2016

Spoons, Monday.

When I was in Morocco, I got an email from the old lady that I rehomed our family cat with. She couldn't keep him saying he was too much of a hassle. Yesterday, we went to collect him - I have never in my life felt so much guilt. The cat was emaciated - my instinct about her being too old to look after the cat turned out to be entirely founded. He is painfully, painfully thin. I cried. A lot. So after we fetched him, we took him to his new home which is in Redhill with a lovely lady and her 18 year old son, two grand children. I think he will be happy there. I hope. I will go check in on him, soon. 

I ran out of spoons really early in the day (spoons being a finite number of emotional spoons that you get in one day and if you give those spoons away to various things, you run out of them) - and on top of which I was on two hours of sleep with a MAMMOTH hangover. 

I've been eating like crap all weekend, so need to have a very light day today and will weigh tomorrow. 

I am still exhausted and emotionally in turmoil over this weekend, it was made slightly better by the presence of a certain person who I have purposefully not mentioned yet, because yes - I know I talk about boys a lot. 

This one is a little bit special, I have no reservations about him as a person. He is however away a lot, I'm not sure at this stage if we can make it work - we also haven't um... *cough* yet, so that could be a dealbreaker. Anyway, he gets back from climbing in the US next week (been away for a week, I was away before that, he was away before that so haven't seen him since the 13th - isn't that weird... anyway, I'm excited about it. I'll tell you guys more when there's more to tell. But it's been ongoing since I was in New York. 

I am changing my hair this week and I'm super duper excited. For those who follow me on Instagram @keranberan - you will know my hair is currently platinum blonde and a weird grown out bob cut, I'm going ombré (so i can stop dying it, because if I keep on doing root bleaches my hair will be gone by the time in 50) and then going to cut it all off again. 

A haircut is as good as a holiday. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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