Monday, February 6, 2017

Be Brave

My mantra at the moment is 'be brave'. I feel like I spend so much time being scared of everything and simultaneously doubting and overthinking everything. I need to try and force this habit out of myself. I don't think I can force the overthinking part out, but I feel like most of my challenges can be solved by just being brave. 

I can handle anything. Like, I almost know this about myself. I have been through a lot of shit and I'm still here. I just need to be brave. 

At the moment, I am still on a yoga/1000 cal a day diet. Which isn't that low, I acknowledge, but the goal as always is to not binge. It was all going well until my sisters birthday party on Saturday. I ate everything. Anyway, yesterday was fine. Today will be fine. Being kind to oneself includes feeding ones body with love. 

God, I sound like a self help book. (When I say lame shit like this, just know that it's for my own benefit.) 

I went to yoga twice this weekend and it's official, I can grab my feet in a forward bend. Not bad for just three months! (I think.) 

Peace & Glowing Energy 
Xo Xo 

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