Thursday, February 2, 2017

Being A Dirty Girl

Silence is golden. Like the golden egg. You know, the one I ate? 

Well that's what silence means in this case. I've just been in a manic phase. It's so predictable how these things are connected to each other. In short - my hair is pink, I hate it. Why did I put this crap in my hair? So I feel a bit hatery about that. My flat is an absolute tip - which is both reflective of how I feel and an exacerbating factor in promoting the chaos. I can't really be a good human if my flat is in disarray, because it makes me not want to cook and make it worse or bother with what I'm wearing, because it's all just to chaotic to deal with. As a result of all of that, I've been eating like crap so feeling really fat and gross on top. So yeah, that's what the silence has been about. 

But the positive side of all of this chaos is that eventually, it will all come to an end - even though all ends are in fact temporary. Yesterday, I woke up saying to myself that I was going to be kind to myself - eat properly, go to yoga, wash dishes, sweep my flat. I did, despite the struggle and I felt like a new person waking up. I just need to lose a bit of my bulk now. 

Despite all of this, I have been going to and enjoying yoga. About three times a week. It's been three months now and it really does make me feel amazing. I'm excited to explore what I can learn to do with my body. 

I have also decided to start a company, well I have started it. It's a media company for real women, i.e. No beauty and dating. It is a bit feminist admittedly. But, feminism has always been my thing. It's called Dirty Girl Media (it's on Facebook and website is It's obviously in serious infancy and it doesn't have or make any money. If anyone reading this wants to write a post or two for the site, please let me know. Also, I'd love a like and a share on Facebook if you like what you are reading. So anyway, that's been keeping me busy, because I have to find content for it every single day and make sure it goes on Twitter and Facebook. All of which I kinda don't know how to do, but I'm learning. It's only been a few weeks, but I'm learning loads. 

Things with Chris are also good, he's been... affectionate. I love that, I makes me feel secure. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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