Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Self Love Day 4

So self-love day 4... it hasn't exactly been difficult, but there have been moments where I'm like - I wanna go out on Friday or I don't want to go to yoga (cuz seriously my body hurts from doing it three days in a row and - I'll get to that in a sec), but then I've had to remind myself that if I can't give myself one week of self love, then there is a serious issue of self worth. I accept this is a seriously extreme way of looking at it, but I said one week of nutritious living (spiritually and physically), so I need to stick it out. 

Yesterday, when I was making dinner I did feel really powerful and nourished. I had vinyasa flow yesterday which always kicks my ass. Not least of which cuz I'm totally lost about 20 minutes into the class. Everyone is, it's not just me. The sequences are not what I'm used to and it's really hectic on upper body strength, which I have not. Which is also why I try to go to her class regularly. I'm aiming for six days of yoga this week, which is a lot for me. It's double what I normally do. 

Anyway, the other reason why is because I'm making time to make real food for myself - for lunch and dinner anyway, I don't eat breakfast. I did have a total headache yesterday, but I suspect that's sugar withdrawal. I've really been eating like crap the last weeks. To give you an indication of how bad it was - in the last four days I've lost almost 3kgs (6lbs) of what I suspect to water weight, because I haven't been hectically restricting (like 1000 cals a day net). 

I realise that restricting is not necessarily in line with self love, but neither is feeling like shit about what I look like. I just need to be back in my normal range of 62 - 64kg which I am not. Although not far off. 

I'm also absolutely terrified that my tinder date tomorrow is going to be grossed out with my because I'm a few kgs heavier than some of my pics - can they notice a couple kgs?! It'll be fine. I'll wear something baggy, but fabulous. 

I hate the word fabulous. 

How's everyone doing? Self lovin' hard I hope! 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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