Monday, March 20, 2017

And Then I Turned 30

So the last few weeks have been really intense to say the least. Everything to do with my visa and my birthday, and a ton of work. 

Here's the abridged version: 
- One of our major events ran in late February, it was not a success. The consequence of this at work has been overwhelming to deal with - when something is just so broken, where does one even begin to start fixing? 
- I went to New York for a meeting and this was mostly fun, but completely overshadowed by the whole visa situation which was a complete sap of my positive energy. 
- We had judging of the media awards which I oversee - this was absolutely amazing, but again - coordinating this amount of very senior people is a challenge and then some. 
- My eating has been out of control, mostly because of the stress I think. I've vowed to myself to stop this fuckery and eat better. Feed myself more. My weight is up, but not completely out of control. I'll be happier minus 5kgs. 
- I turned 30. On Saturday. For those who have been with me from the very beginning (2011), isn't it wild? I mean... I remember when Sam Lupin was but 15 years old. Not that there are many people left on here anyway, but I do really feel a sense of loyalty - like I can't just be one of the many who have disappeared into the ether. I suspect however, my time on this blog is coming to an end. 
- Dirty Girl is still going although I'm not sure how much progress is measurable. Now that the visa situation is resolved, I feel I can get back to this in a real way. 
- Chris and I are still together. I can't really say much more about this, mostly because there isn't much to say. We still fight, we make up, he's wonderful. I love the way he smells. 
- I am now officially a permanent resident of the United Kingdom and I never have to go back to South Africa. I can't even tell you how happy that makes me. All of this bullshit is entirely worth it. 
And that's more or less it. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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