Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thin People

So I faced the scale this morning and... 64.9. CRY! It sucked so fucking hard, but on the plus side. I'm going to kick this stupid food habit. You know what it is. When I look at thin people, I look at them and say to myself. "They have their shit together. They eat normally, they aren't ruled by their stomachs. They control their bodies. They don't eat in public. They don't binge on chips and fried chicken. They ALWAYS have americanos and not flavoured lattes." I want people to look at me this way. Anyway, fucking stupid bullshit. Today I've had two salmon fishcakes (560cals - CRY), half a salad for lunch (150ish), some mango (negative cal food) and some yoghurt (100 cals). So that's actually quite a lot. But I suppose at least it is around 1000. Tomorrow I'm going to skip breakfast and lunch and then have some fruit and soup for dinner. So let's hope that it is around... 600ish. Although, I'm meant to be having a drink tomorrow with a friend. So maybe one glass of white wine. Why is life so hard?


Ashley Nichole said...

I think life will continue to get harder.

You can do this and be thin!

I'm having a similar dilemma, where I binged for a month because I was a little depressed, and then one day I decided I want to be thin because I really have nothing else at the moment.

I shall be thin, and so shall you!

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i'm 3.2kg higher than you and I want to be thinner ok
give it to me
what thin person are you talking about exactly?! the girl that I know that is 5'0 and 36kg (yes!!! 36!!!) eats all the fucking time. actually, our eating habits are kinda parallel with one another and it makes me want to hurt her sd[fdsf[sk because when im eating something, she's eating something. we run into the cafeteria a million times over.
and omg I order those flavoured lattes. so fucking good.
then again im fat so its ok
and omg A. N. is right (find her initials to be funny?) DSPDVKOPDK WE SHALL BE THIN OK eventually

-Sam Lupin

Rachel said...

I want your weight wow<3
agh I know that kind of skinny person you're talking about, those girls in coffee shops with macbooks and oversized jumpers and leggings and americanos gosh ok
your food today sounds nice, 1000 isn't a bad number!
good luck tomorrow<3

Christina said...

Don't panic, you're doing really well! Things will get better. Have fun with your drinking buddy. :D

warlocksmistress said...

Mango is a negative cal food?! *Runs to the fridge and devours*

We can have control of our bodies, you included. Think healthy and think CLEAN.


Madison said...

Mangoes aren't negative calorie...