Monday, April 28, 2014

Heffalump - Me!

Didn't weigh this morning, because as a hungover monkey yesterday I ate everything. Not everything, but definitely about 1500 cals. At least. Anyway, that aside. Today I have had... I think it's between 700 and 800 cals. Cereal for brekkie, soup for lunch and pesto pasta for dinner, but quite a lot... not really a lot. But I'm thinking at least 400 cals with. I'm detoxing from coke light, because a friend of mine from work told me that her friend used to drink two a day and then she stopped and had splitting headaches for ages. I don't want that fuck, fuck!! 

Still smitten with Dr Dave. <3 <3 I'm sorry that I'm insufferably into a boy right now. As you all will know from reading, it's been two years since Roy and I broke up. I think this could be something real and I'm so happy about it. But now I have to make sure that I get super thin again, because no one wants to have sex with a munter. No one wants to have an ugly girl on their arm and every man wants to have the hottest girlfriend in the room. I should prepare just in case. 

I'm an asshole. I hate Kate Upton. 

Peace & Pesto
Xo Xo

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