Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Just Want TO EAT!! But, I Won't, Wanna Know WHY?

Because my one friend is now starving herself... or 'intermittent fasting' as she calls it. She is really little as it is... like. She's just one of those little people. Anyway, so she's going to be super hot on top of pretty. So now, I have to make sure that I'm still the thinner of the two of us. And of course Dr David <3 <3. - he can't see me being fat. He can't see me as being anything less than perfect really. I mean - I just spent 100 quid on shit for my flat so that when he stays over here, he thinks I'm pretty and clean and considerate. I'm not. But he doesn't have to know that. ANYWAY. So now I've bought all this stuff. He was going to come over tonight, but I told him I was tired. I need to clean up and make things look better before he comes over. Tomorrow I will clean. I got paid a few extra hundred pounds this month for what exactly, I'm not sure, but at least now I've got some extra stuff... I really like him. I want him to think I'm perfect.

ANYWAY, so that little stupidness aside. I weighed 65.3 this morning. Blurg. I don't seem to be losing. WTF? Probably the weekend binges. I hate being AT THIS WEIGHT! Anyway, today I had about 800 again... cereal, soup and chips for dinner with ketchup and the tiniest bit of chocolate. Boring. No big. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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