Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm Still Fat

What an incredible weekend - Friday, I woke up at 63.8kg. Partied all night and weighed in at 62.8kg when I woke up on Saturday afternoon. We went to Ministry of Sound too - so we danced for five hours. Saturday, Dr Dave came round on Saturday and all I ate was some sushi and dim sum... maybe like 600 calories total.and then we drank a bottle of jack... Sunday and yesterday, I binged all day. Then today wasn't great. I had a falafel salad with pita bread, cereal, a hot chocolate (vegan) and a sandwich. Easily 2000 cals I think.But then i did also play a netball match tonight. Not only was it my first netball match ever, but I also got player of the match! AMAZING, right!? Me, Fat Piggy Flowers. Player of the match. Anyway, so I'm hoping the scale won't be too unkind since I haven't eaten since the judo match. 

Probably won't happen. 

Peace & Netball
Xo Xo


Emily Carter said...

Congrats! and good luck.

Eleanor Bones said...

Hi, I've found your blog and I'ts really beautiful, i'n "new entry" here and i'm orrible with blog and so on, my blog is my trobule with my body (i'm 75 kg) :/ so i think we can be friend, we can talk and so on..
let me know!

Lauren Magrini said...

Hey! I'm looking for an extremely dedicated ana buddy! I'm 24 my current weight is 128 but 5 months ago I was 175!! I'm extremely focused and driven but I need a friend to push me better!! I'd really love to help do the same! Id love to be able to text day/night send continuous thinspo and fast together! If you're serious and interested, email me!