Friday, May 30, 2014

Fat Behaviour

This morning was a deeply fabulous 64.1kg, but then I went and did some fat behaviour. *sigh* Not the fattest of fat behaviour but pretty fat. For starters, I had spaghetti all'arribiata for lunch - which was a massive portion of spaghetti with tomato chilli and garlic sauce, obviously tons of olive oil. Wouldn't be surprised if it was around 800 cals. Easily. Then I kinda talked myself out of a big binge, but... I did kinda have more than I should've which was a whole jar of houmous (360), a whole cucumber (?), six vegan sausages (370) and a whole bottle of pineapple juice (500), so I've definitely had too much today. All I'm hoping though is that because it's all 'clean food' that I won't gain actual weight... maybe just some 'food weight'. wishful thinking fat, disgusting slob. TRY AGAIN!

I'm going back into beast mode at work again next week. If I own it for the next three months, I should be up for a promotion by the end of the year. I just need to put in the time and hardwork and it will happen. :) Life is still getting lovely and lovelier. I feel like Dr Dave is on the verge of saying something that I'm not ready to hear yet - so I'm kinda terrified. Anyway, no big deal. It's only been a month though and I don't want things to get all fucked up... 

I'm at home in bed at 8pm on a Friday and you know what? IT'S FUCKING GLORIOUS!! Is this what old age looks like? 

Skinny & Flabt
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Sarah Ana said...

I hate when I have fat behaviour too :( I'm hoping to go through this month without it! I wish you all the luck with your promotion!

LeeTiger28 said...

Good luck on that promotion! It may have been a bad day food wise, but things will get better!