Monday, May 19, 2014

No Idea, Really.

I have no idea what my weight is... I weighed at the end of last week and it was in the 66's. It's always a losing battle. Mostly, because I have been eating non stop in my lazy/happy vibe that I have at the moment. It's good, but it's bad. Dr Dave is still on the scene, but now I am getting uncomfortably fat. It just doesn't work for me. Welcome to my new followers, btws! I haven't been showing as much as is strictly necessary. I love you all. I will be better. I'm sure all the bloggers of the world know when you have a little away time. Anyway, not much to tell. This weekend was full of eating. I went to the cricket with a friend from work on Saturday and got raucously pissed. Ate a lot and THEN met David's friends. That was a total crock of shit, not least of which because his dumb bitch friend Katie thought I was flirting with her fiance - who is a FUGLY TROLL btws - and then she called David the next day to tell him as much. Fucking bitch! Come AT ME, BRO!? Anyway, I definitely wasn't flirting with him, but depending on whether or not I ever have to see her again, I definitely will the next time. Dumb bitch. 

Anywayyyy, today I had cereal with almond milk (150), i skipped lunch, cuz I had a bunch of m&ms (250) and a peanut butter cup (54) and then I had *cry* three slices of whole grain toast (230), a third of an avocado (109), a tomato (20) andddd *weep* popcorn (200). Tomorrow will be better. I promise. For one thing, no m&ms. No popcorn. No bread. LESS LESS LESS. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


K said...

I stumbled upon your blog, and I can totally relate to the obsession with calories. When I'm not bingeing and purging, I'm weighing/counting every morsel of food.

I just decided to try my hand at blogging too. I need an outlet! Perhaps you could cheque out/follow my blog? @

K :)

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