Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I don't really have much to say today - still haven't weighed in obviously. It is likely that I won't weigh until Monday, if I survive the next week that is. I have my annual appraisal at work tomorrow and I am absolutely shitting myself. Like, what if I'm not performing. I mean - fuck it. I don't like criticism. At all. Siiiiiigh. ANYWAY. I'll get over it. I've been hitting my targets mostly. So like. Whatevs. 

I think this boy at work has a crush on me too... like truth me told. AND I KNOW THIS SOUNDS FUCKING SUPERFICIAL. But he is minging. Well, no. Not minging. But he's got a beer belly (NO!!!) and he has the nastiest teeth (NO NO NO, ohhhhhhhhhhh NO!). More over which, he is just not my type. But he is a really nice guy, but minging. My two biggest turn offs - fat and bad teeth. #minging... speaking of boys. David is kinda working on my nerves at the moment, not through any fault of his own, but I just need some space. Some alone time. Like, he was in Prague all weekend and only got back yesterday and don't get me wrong, I did miss him. But I don't know.. I still want to be alone. 

Intake today has been abysmal. I had a ton of maltezers at work and a biscuit (300), coffee with milk and sugar (150), a kiddie shake (70), a lentil salad with dinner (290) for a total of 810 for the day. I was aiming for the 700s, but those FUCKING MALTEZERS! Shows you how quickly the fucking snacks can fuck you over. Siiiiiiigh. 

Tomorrow will be better. 

Hope & Love
Xo Xo


Katie Elizabeth said...

Hey sweetie, I don't know if you can get them in your country, but there are these neat little boxes called Graze boxes. They are fairly cheap and they send you 4 little snacks in each box. You can even choose to do the ones that have 90cal or less in them. Just thought you should look into it. Keep your head up hunny.

Run said...

^ I second Katie. Graze boxes are amazing for their snacks.

I hate criticism as well. I just can't handle it and fall to pieces. It's kind of pathetic how badly is affects me.
I don't think that sounds superficial unless I'm superficial as well. I couldn't date someone I didn't consider attractive. They might be absolutely lovely guys but there needs to be a physical attraction as well in my opinion.

Nasimiyu said...

Good luck with the appraisal! I hate those! I always end up with the same comments every single year
"you need to speak up more".
Well pardon me for not wanting to waste time being chatty at the watercooler.
I detest smalltalk.

I chuckled a bit at the description of Mr. Beer belly

hiding_in_public said...

Bad teeth are a big turn off. I went out with one guy and when I saw his teeth I was 100% sure I was not going to end up with this guy. Plus, he was a self absorbed jerk. The teeth were the first thing I noticed about him though.

Kay said...

ew ew ew, i hate bad teeth!!!!
also i hate clinginess, (i'm assuming that's what you mean by David coming home and you want to be alone.
Maybe that's my ED tho, and i've never liked to be around someone for too long because then they start seeing how truly fucked i am. HAH.
Anyways, your intake today was great, hope your appraisal goes well.