Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wanna Know What I've Been Doing?

I've been eating and eating and eating. And then I've eaten some more. I literally got down to a nice weight and then I got stressed smoked a shiton of weed and ate for a week and a half. Baddddd piggy. Hello bulimia - how are you? Shit I forgot how much I love binging and starving myself. Awesome. Just. Awesome. 

Anyway, so today I'm back on it. I've had my weed for the month and now back to being serious. I wander sometimes about the people that have read this blog for ages - I probably didn't need to tell you what I was doing, you probably know. Like when someone disappears off the bloggersphere for long enough, you just KNOW that they've failed. It does, admittedly, take a while to like.. Accept your failure. Yet. Again. 

Anyway, so today I managed to not eat until dinner (only coffee... 150), a baby milkshake thing (70), a mango (200) and potato cakes (502). Yeah, so I can accept that for the day 872. For the first day anyway. Tomorrow, I'm going to aim for 700 cals. 

I shan't weigh for a while still. I'm too afraid. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Kay said...

I go through bouts where I starve and starve and do so well and then I binge, binge, binge & ruin all my hard work.
It's weird how my mind and body works.
You can get back to it though, just start eating healthier and maybe try to get a workout in, a workout always makes me feel slightly better about a binge : )

Glad to see you're back! I missed reading your posts for a minute there.


Katie Elizabeth said...

Awe hunny, I'm sorry that you're struggling. But like Kay said, if you can get a workout in here and there, then you might feel a bit better. Lots or love.