Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cry Or Rant?

I'm not sure which one I'd rather do. So this is what fucking sucks right now - work, my weight, my relationship, my appetite, my skin, my colleagues, the weather, my flat, my lack of clean underwear and my bank balance. I've also just found out that my fat, cottage cheese director who wear trousers that are four sizes too small for her and has the thighs of a large dinosaur is coming on a trip to Johannesburg with me. I'm so pissed off, because it is essentially micro-management and policing 10000 miles away from home. I can only imagine it now - and I have to deal with her AWFUL - and I fucking mean AWFUL - power suits. I mean - who the fuck still wears trouser/blazer combos? And she doesn't wear a stitch of make-up to work, which is totally fine, because neither do I - the only different between her and I is that I am young, have smooth skin (mostly - rich considering I just bitched about it being bad, it is right now - not normally though) AND I don't have nasty mousy brown hair which is frizzy tied in a bun. Literally - the only thing that is good about her is her taste in shoes - WHICH I MIGHT ADD she cannot a fuck walk in. There is this dip in the floor of the office which she routinely falls over - to the extent that she got the maintenance and facilities guys to put red tape over (looks like someone was fucking murdered there). Short, fat, arrogant, unattractive. All on a destination event. I can't even get started on the frizzy-haired logistics manager that started today - I'm talking like - her hair is red feathers. Bad dye job, worse maintenance. Terrible. 

Speaking of hair - I'm going blonde again on Friday which I'm super excited about. I'm getting highlights this time instead of a bleach. I'm pretty damn stoked, but now to get my intake right. 

Today I've had... like. Coffee with sugar/milk (200), one square of chocolate (20), pesto pasta (420) and blueberries (60) - total of 700 for the day. I'll take it. I need to look fabulous for Friday as it is my 4 year anniversary of coming to London (although I did live in South Africa for just over a year in that time), so... we are celebrating and I need to look amazing for then. Viva la STARVATION! 

Earl Grey & Coffee
Xo Xo


Kay said...

I always love reading your posts. You give me so much motivation.
Sorry about your awful boss going on your trip with you! :/
Hope you have an amazing weekend, your anniversary with London ;)


Ruby Tuesday said...

Hey Piggy,

Thanks for your comment
I'm sorry that you got one of those comments too
What an asshole!
I checked out his blog, did you?
What a load of old shit!

Love to you x