Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back 2 Basics

I've been completely out of control so as of today, I'm back to old-style restricting. The holiday was quite nice, but I feel that I am completely losing control of my eating and I can't have that. Today I've had about 1000 cals, which is far too much, but tomorrow will be 700. There's sand on my keyboard... they have started laying a patio outside in the garden which has translated into a sand apocalypse in my house courtesy of my two sandmules... a.k.a cats. 

Atlantic City was awful. What a sad place - I mean, yes - it's a total dump, but it tells a very sad story about how the economy of the US has completely failed the city. Crack heads, junkies, hobos. Poverty and despair all around. I was shocked to see how the inner Philadelphia becomes slums on the outskirts of the city and how the poverty stretches well beyond the city borders. What is the government doing to protect the poor? Nothing. England knows nothing about poverty. 

I'm off to Johannesburg in a week, so the fat will continue if I don't close ranks. I will close ranks. I've got my meals planned for the week and now I just need to stick to it. I can do it. Did you know that your body goes into ketosis on less than 600 calories? Good, innit. That's gonna be my goal. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Calla Lily said...
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Calla Lily said...

Good job on having your meals planned out. 700 seems like a good intake! If you go into ketosis at 600, definitely stick to at least 700. You don't want your body shutting down on you! I hope you enjoy Johannesburg. Keep strong!