Monday, October 13, 2014

Well That Failed

So my plans for a 700 calorie plan day went totally to shit when I had a baked potato with beans for lunch... and then two pudding cups (95 cals each)... so basically I've had about 1200/1300 calories for today. I don't have the heart to count, but at least it wasn't binge-a-riffic so I suppose not all is lost. I will be single soon so I need to prepare. 

I'm so done with David, this is completely unsalvageable - I just need to actually break up with him - I want a man... A grown up mature man that can take me out for dinner... or who would cook me dinner. I want to be looked after. I mean - I'm not saying that I need a man with money or that I care about anything like that, but I want to not always have to be in control. I know I'm a domineering person, but people can stick up to me - all my goddamn friends do. Fuck. I just need to figure this out. 


Peace & Love 
Xo Xo

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