Tuesday, January 12, 2016


But not before I consumed another 400 calories, so yesterday's total was like 1200, but it was all clean - or cleanish. Which is the goal. It was essentially two ryvita and cashew butter "sandwiches". It was clean and I could've binged, but I didn't so I'm not gonna fuck out about it. 

And then I went to sleep for five glorious hours at a normal human time, from 12am to 5am. I slept. Which means that as long as I have normal amounts of caffeine for the next five hours, it should all be fine. It'll be fine. All will be well. BOSH!-ish? 

ANYWAY, so it will all be fine. Because, I slept and woke up at a normal hour, I've actually done work this morning. Fuck-to-the-yeah. But I have three weeks to do six weeks worth of work - YAY ME! But will get it done, like a boss. 

I'm aiming for about... 800 calories today. 

My bestest friend in the whole world is coming to London next week for two weeks and unbeknownst to me, she will be staying with me in my TINY flat. For two weeks - I love her, but am not looking forward that much to this. Great. Grrrrrreat. 

It means I'm gonna have to clean. Great. 

But I slept. Positive vibes. I fucking slept!! 

Yerrrrrrrs. As Mr Burns would say *excellent*

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Lolita said...

I love that you're most concerned about cleaning xD Even that wouldn't make me attempt to clean because I just suck so bad at it. Actually, I do try but my best efforts are still appalling.

YAY for sleep! Although, 5 hours?! Are you human? I count anything under 9 hours as barely sleeping. I wish I could run on less.

I love the positivity here.

Love <3 xx

Nasimiyu said...

Count me in with those who can't sleep! My sleep hygiene has been awful this year! Glad you managed some shuteye though! hopefully it will help reset your internal clock!

I totally know what you mean with the guest though! I love my friends but having certain people stay over always feels like such an invasion of my personal space! And i hate cleaning so the apartment is always messy but of course I don't want anyone seeing it like that!!