Monday, January 11, 2016

So Basically, Blogger Can't Sleep?

So re: my last post - it would seem that we are all struggling to sleep like normal people. I haven't read too much about the links between anxiety, eating disorders and sleep disorders. But obviously there is one. (WHERE ARE THE PSYCH MAJORS?) We know that there is a link between anxiety and sleep right? But throw in an ED there, what's the conclusion? Anyone care to share...

So also from comments on yesterdays blog - yes, I know I am overthinking it. The thing is that I fucking demonise him. Every time I see him, it's almost like this huge sigh of relief. I build him up as this villain in my head and then when I see him, it's like - Nope, this one is a good apple. 

Neither of us could sleep last night, although his problem was jet lag. So it was a really lovely combo of cuddling and chatting. I'm so in love with that one. 

I still don't have a scale, but nutritionally, I think I'm doing a'ight. Yesterday, I had about 600 calories - but then this morning, fuck me - I was so uncontrollably hungry, I was like three seconds away from pouncing on a baby and eating it. I just couldn't. Despite that though, I've had biltong (70), chicken (140), two ryvitas (92) with cashew butter (120), pomegranate (46) and pesto pasta (340). So today's total still wasn't too bad at 808. 

I'm really hoping that when I eventually weigh, it'll be super close to 67. But who knows? 

Peace & Love
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Bella said...

My recent sleep loss is mostly due to a nasty chest infection that keeps waking me up coughing/sweating/puking. Not even sleeping pills helped, but I started on a new one yesterday and only woke up twice. Oh, and smoking. I can't sleep without the green stuff.

It sucks not having a scale, but it's always a good feeling to get back on and see the numbers drop more than they would if you weighed everyday. Could you use one at a pharmacy or something?

Take care <3

Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

well, i'm no psych major (and i hope to never, ever be one) but it's probably because psychological stress is actually just as bad as physical stress? and the fact that psychological stress causes noradrenaline and adrenaline levels to rise like no tomorrow. all that cortisol in your blood stream. they keep you at high levels of alertness. and when you're alert, you can't sleep very easily. have you perhaps seen Selyse's adaptation model?

interestingly enough, stress makes you sick. psychological stress included. sickness makes you more stressed. and then it's a beautiful cycle of being stressed.

FP what is your love life

-Sam Lupin

Eve said...

Undergrad psych major and almost got my masters in counseling so lemme tackle this. Also, Sam, we're not so bad. :P normally eating disorders are co-occuring with anxiety, depression, ptsd, and sometimes a personality disorder. Those things affect sleep (too much or too little) and the amount of food affects your body as not having fuel makes you sleepy. I like to sleep too much when I'm in a bout of depression or anxiety and when I had my eating disorder I was constantly tired because my body did not have enough fuel to run. There's also imbalances with hormones from lack of proper nutrition. So there's my psych major/counseling masters answer. :) take care of yourself k?