Monday, December 19, 2016

Dear Anxiety.

It's different from last year. It's not going to happen again. 

Your job is good, you're doing fine at your job. They trust you, you are doing what you are supposed to. Just keep up your pace and don't slack now. The team depends on you. This isn't like last year. You've got enough money and have managed to save some. This is good. You are doing great. It's different from last year. 

You are not as fat as you were last year, you just have to control it and not let it get that bad. You deserve to feel good in your body. You didn't feel good last year. This is different from last year. It's not going to get that bad. You can control it, you can persevere, because you have willpower and it's all alright. You've done well this year, just keep going. It's totally different from last year. 

He is different from Colbey. He isn't going to do that and change his mind. You can trust him. You know that you can trust him. It's different from last year, it's not Colbey. He isn't Colbey. You can trust him. Listen to me, Piggy. You can trust him. 

It's different from last year. It's just the lack of sun, the lack of warmth, it's this time of year. It's just something about it being the end of the year, something about the introspection that comes with New Years Eve. It's just the time of the year.

It is totally different from last year. Anxiety, y'hear me? It's totally different.

Peace & Love
Xo Xo 

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