Friday, December 2, 2016

Adulty AF

Last weekend I was very emotional and I think I have seasonal affected disorder. It has struck me that I had the same reaction this time last year, which led to all the Colbey drama (what an asshole nonetheless) and led to me getting fat, depressed, suicidal and just generally not a happy bunny. 

The result of this was carb binging. A lot of it. Basically, I am now fighting down my weight back into the happy place (62 - 64kg). I am currently at 65.3kg. Which is alright. Except Chris is coming to spend the weekend which might mean more eating. I'm gonna fight this though. 

Anyway, so now I'm trying to keep myself on a diet which encourages additional
Serotonin production - salmon, yoghurt, nuts, bananas and such stuff. 

I've also been at the yoga now for four weeks and have been making it two/three times a week currently. The goal was twice a week. So long as this can continue, I am going to keep my membership to the studio. I feel better after I do it. Particularly, my back. 

I've also been trying to save money which is actually going kinda well at the moment. Like, it's not easy cuz I've been the most frugal person in the world and that is SO not me. I can live like this. So beyond my immediate saving needs, I think I can actually do this as a long term thing. I'd like to decrease how much I'm saving at the moment, cuz I have like no extra money (just over a quarter of my salary), but it's nice knowing I have a financial buffer if I need it. 

At the moment, I do feel like I'm winning a little bit. Let's hope Murphy can let me have this for a little while. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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Lila said...

I started taking a 5-HTP suppliment it naturally helps with the production of seritonin. I have found it really has been helping me sleep and eat less through out the day.