Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ideal Weight BULLSHIT!

According to my ideal weight is between 127 and 155. What a bs lie. 155? Fat. Where I am now, 147 is FAT. Ridiculous how people are trying to sell this curvy is healthy rubbish. BULLSHIT.

Yesterday I had around 800 calories. Which I was fine with, consisted of tomato soup, an apple, a salad (vegan meat strips, tomato, lettuce, fried mushrooms (no oil or butter) and guacomole (avo & cottage cheese)) & then I cracked and had a cup of horlicks made with hot water and a splash of milk. According to the calorie tracker I use, I consumed 616 calories, but I think that's wrong, it was a really big salad.

Still no word on my scales, kitchen or bathroom, and when they are arriving. I just emailed the seller to convey my immense irratation that they haven't arrived yet. I don't think he understands the seriousness of the need here. I am getting pretty desperate, although I am going to visit a friend later and she has a scale I think, so I will probably be able to weigh myself there. I am going to take my measurements tomorrow. See how it goes. Fingers crossed.

So far today I have only had a cup of coffee with about 20ml of milk in it. I am going to eat 2 apples and an orange today and probably more soup for dinner.

I have been considering putting up a bit of reverse thinspo, but those pics really make me a little bit nauseous. I noticed today that my neck and face looks thinner, but my stomach, back, thighs and arms are still like a man. So today is MODEL thinspo - WOOT!

Peace, Love & Respect
X o X o

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