Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gooey Knees

I hate me knees. So much, it makes me want to cry. I did a whole bunch of strength exercises for yesterday, so I'm going to do more later to target my knees (glutes), stomach (I look like I'm pregnant), arms (triceps in particular - bingo wings anyone) and butt (because a couple of squats never hurt). I lifted 10lbs weights yesterday and my arms are a little sore, so maybe I wont do arms today... It is blowing like a bitch outside and was raining earlier so cardio outdoors seems out of the question. Will maybe run up the stairs a couple of times.

I ate about 800 cals yesterday I think, which I am quite happy about. I was just so hungry when it came to dinner that when I made my boyfriend (watch out, because here come some bad words) pasta (!) with chicken & mushrooms in a cream (!!!!) sauce, I had a few bites. And then my soup as usual. I probably over estimated the amount that I ate, but ya. I did also have a big salad for lunch. I was very proud that I actually did those exercises yesterday. Going to do them again shortly. I fetched my awesome new kitchen scale today from the post office so I was able to very accurately track how much of what I ate for lunch and I think I'm around 300 cals for the day. Planning on having some veggie or tomato soup for dinner. So I should round out at about 500 for the day, which is perfect.

My bathroom scale should be arriving on Monday! Woot. Everyone at varsity today was so thin and tall and blonde. I mean I am taller, but HOW DO THEY DO IT! How do they eat their bagels and croissants and drink sugar in their drinks and stay so skinny?? And beautiful. No skin problems, tiny little waists. It's BS I tell you. Hopefully soon I will join their ranks. 35 days to go until I reach my goal weight I hope. I am going to do my measurements when I get my scale. On an unrelated note, how do you add a tab to the blog??

 Thinspo today is in honour of my gross knees - maybe one day. Love & Respect X o X o

Thinspo today is in honour of my gross knees - maybe one day. Love & Respect X o X o

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