Monday, December 16, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Well, suffice to say that my challenge ended with a big fat goose egg with all the crap I've been eating. Getting high, work functions, boozing. I haven't lost anything. But all is not lost. I'm starting again today. For one month. Goal 6kgs by January 16th. I'm confident that I can do it better this time and if I don't, I'll just keep trying until I do. Thing is, I don't look the way that I did last time I was this size. But, well. I'm still not happy with it. 

It was my work Christmas party on Friday. I've realised that even though I love working for that company, I'm not the biggest fan of the people that work there. Mostly because it feels like highschool again and I'm the unpopular one that is weird, controversial and just doesn't fit in. Well, fuck it. Isn't that just the story of my fucking life. Every time. Every single time. On Friday, this guy at work kissed me. I was so fucking hammered, he just pulled me in the middle of the street. BUT WAIT. The kicker is that he just got married. Like JUST got married. And then he went and told Anthony. The guy that I've been turning down since I started working there, but who I quite like as a friend, but absolutely nothing more. Anyway, so they are friends. Now I'm the homewrecking whore, because he can't keep it in his pants. SIGH. Piggy, how do you get yourself into these messes. Every single time. Anyway, that's about the most interesting thing that is happening in my life right now. Sad huh? DON'T CARE! About any of it. I'm actually okay not being friends with those people, it just sucks that it seems my lot in life is to the weird outsider. Some things never change.

Today, I had yet another work function and for it we went to a pizza place. I had three quarters of a thin crust pizza. I estimate based on their website that I had about 800 cals of pizza. SIGH. And then I had a glass of wine. So whilst I am below 1000 for the day, it still sucks. So I am skipping dinner, because at least hopefully I can still lose a bit by tomorrow. 

Pizza & Pesto
Xo Xo 

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ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

how can a goose egg eat my love
you know how long this tab has been open without me commenting and then i just noticed i had a shit load of tabs
this tab has been open for a very long time
i was just opening Game of Thrones when i just realised that FUCK i dont remember what i wrote on Piggy's post but that's just because i didn't write so
"Like JUST got married"...OH FUCK.
i just want to live in a day in the life of Piggy
I HAD THIN CRUST PIZZA YESTERDAY. CHICKEN FAJITA. two slices with a bowl of cereal for dinners!!! hahaha.
i walked a lot so that's why it's okay. :P

-Sam Lupin
PS. aren't you vegan
PSS. if you aren't then welcome back into the club m'dear