Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy

I was thinking today while I was climbing about the things that make me happy. And to my mind - there are three things that fundamentally make me happy. So I thought I'd share these with you all. The first thing is my cats. I mean I don't really need to explain this. Everyone gets this I think. Well. Any cat lover, innit? The second thing is any form of mind altering substance - now don't get me wrong, I don't have any kind of substance dependency problems, but I fucking love it. I love not having to think or concentrate or worry. I can't talk to myself frankly without getting mad or upset. I feel like drugs and booze give me an honest opportunity to look at myself without being emotional. I love drugs. Never found one that I didn't like. Again, not that I have taken much, but I love it. The third thing, which has a number of offshoots is being thin. I loved being thin SO much. Which is why I'm in such a hurry to get back to where I was before. The sad thing that I have now realised is that I have now backslid so far that I am essentially starting all over again. Now, I have mixed feelings about this because obviously I am PISSED with myself for having gone back to a place I swore I never would. But at the same time. I'm kinda excited that I can get back my skinny eating habits. I wanna try to not to fast too much, because I still need to perform at work, but you know. It's 800 cals a day for the foreseeable future. On that note. Today I've had two Linda sausages, asparagus and broccoli (350), two lattes (300), popchips and a monster (102), so total for the day 752. I also went climbing... So. Yeah not a bad day. And now for the shocker. My weight this morning was... 67.5. Gross, huh? But working on it. Working it. :) 

Love & Peace
Xo Xo 


ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

fuck all.
i have a cat. his name is Christoph. he tries to eat everything i love. i can't love anything that tries to eat my food.
...crazy lady. put down the drugs, FP!
what the fuck is asparagus- (i know what asparagus is i just know few that choose to eat it)
so basically you had two sausages and lattes
yup. not mad at all.
unless they're Starbucks lattes, in which case i finally understand.
not shocked, bby.
i just keep on going like 'DAMMIT BUT YOU'RE TALL AND I'M THE SIZE OF A MIDGET'.

-Sam Lupin
PS. i love you, K.

Judith Marie said...

Hey pretty lady,

Boy, I missed you so much in my absence. SO MUCH.
And you know what, having read your post, we can so do this shit together.
I have also slid backwards in dramatic fashion, and I was hating myself over it, but your post has put it in a new light. Now I'm also excited to get back to my skinny eating habits.
You know what, you can hold me accountable. I will not let you down. Promise me, that you will reach halfway around the world, stick your fingers down my throat and make me vomit everything up if I gain weight again.
Just for you, my weight today is a disgusting 58.7kg. And at 160cm, that is waaaaay too much.

Pretty lady, we can so do this together!
We'll get back to where we were.

Like Sammy, I love you too.

Anna Stone said...

Wow...those are pretty much the exact same things that make me happy as well. Except I'd have to add sex, caffeine, and Chinese Food lol. My cats get me through the day. Weed gets me through the night. And trying to be thin is what is getting me through life right now. Best of luck getting back on track, just stay strong and healthy, as hypocritical as I may sound, we all know that nourishment is essential to happiness.
Good luck :)